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This video, and Manny's response, got his community involved. Even Patrick Starrr, another "beauty boy" who has experienced a lot of bullshit for loving makeup, came to help his friend.

So did Mykie, who the YouTube world knows as Glam And Gore.

The controversy continued to swirl until Lashify issued an apology of sorts.

Right before making the brand's Instagram profile private, this was the statement posted:

"We truly apologise to anyone who was offended or mistook our comment about drag. At Lashify, we believe in total equality for everybody. Our product was and is meant to be androgynous and s designed to appeal to everyone. But we also believe in self-expression, humor, and defending ourselves. Our products are called Fluff, Blow, and Pinch. And our tagline is "Your stripping days are over." Let's save the drama for your lashes."

Unfortunately, based on the reaction from Twitter, that Lashify apology may be too little, too late.

Beauty Twitter is not here for this kind of negative behaviour, especially not from brand founders.

It's NOT OK — and people are making a stand on Manny's behalf.

Anyway, Manny isn't letting the ignorance get to him — he's hanging out with his best friends and living a great life.

Meanwhile, Lashify has locked down all it's social media profiles.

lashify manny mua
photo: Lashify / Instagram

And so has Sahara Lotti, the brand founder and person in the now-infamous Instagram Live video.

Let's cleanse all this nastiness from our soul with a supercut of Manny giggling, shall we?

And remember that makeup and amazing lashes are for EVERYONE.

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