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Beauty brands are notorious for accusing other brands for stealing their ideas. Whether it be packaging, product formulas, or color pairings, it seems to be a never-ending cycle of "who originated what?" The same just happened with Makeup Revolution, who is coming under fire for allegedly stealing the packaging ideas for its latest Glass Skin collection from Manny MUA's makeup brand Lunar Beauty. 

So what is it? A coincidence or intentional rip-off?

Makeup Revolution just dropped a spanking-new collection. 

The new Glass Skin collection launched last week, inspired by the K-beauty trend that skin-care fans have come to know and love. The packaging, which resembles mirrored crystals, goes perfectly with the theme of the line. 

However, they're being accused of stealing the design from Lunar Beauty. 

Upon the collection's release, fans of YouTuber Manny MUA spoke out saying that they believed the design was stolen from Gutierrez's brand. "Manny’s design was original and @MakeupRevUSA completely ripped off his design," a beauty industry tea page tweeted. "This isn’t duping."

And now, Gutierrez himself seems to have spoken out. 

"Disappointed but not surprised has to be one of the worst feelings ever," he said, following the influx of comments and tweets directed at him and his brand.

However, not everyone is convinced. 

Many are arguing that the likeness of the packaging is nothing new. "Pretty sure this packaging has been around for years," someone tweeted. "So I don’t think we can say Manny’s being ripped off by using packaging that he didn’t design himself."

And we can't lie, the design is pretty common. 

Even more long-standing and popular makeup brands have released products in similar packaging years ago. Take MAC, the OG makeup brand, for instance. "MAC Cosmetics did it before Manny," someone wrote under a long thread about the theft allegations. 

However, Makeup Revolution seems to have a history of finding itself in situations such as these. 

It seems that people may be angry because Makeup Revolution has been accused of similar practices before. "Makeup Revolution is infamous for making dupes of several popular brands," someone tweeted. "This is just the first time they have blatantly 100% copied the packaging. They came close with the chocolate bar palette though lol."

This one is tough. 

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While Makeup Revolution does seem to have a history of similar packaging, this aesthetic in particular surely isn't innovative or original.