Manny MUA Morphe
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Manny MUA has been busy, and by busy, we mean collaborating with Morphe Cosmetics. The beauty YouTuber just announced that he'll be releasing something special with the popular brand very soon, and everyone can pretty much guess what it is. 

So is Gutierrez coming for James Charles' spot as the king of Morphe palettes? It looks that way, and we can't wait to see. 

Manny MUA's long-awaited secret has finally been revealed. 

Gutierrez has been teasing that something is coming, and it looks like many of his fans were right.
"SURPRISE!! Manny x @morphebrushes Coming VERY VERY soon. What do you think it is?!" he wrote on his Instagram, wearing a sultry smoky eye.

Gutierrez said that the collab is long overdue. 

"It’s happening y’all! I'm doing a collab with morphe FINALLY! It feels like this has been 5 years in the making. I literally use it every time I do my makeup! Reveal coming Tuesday," he said. Immediately, fans began speculating what it could be, with almost everyone thinking that it's an eye shadow palette. Could this one top James Charles'?

But reactions are mixed.

As we know, many beauty lovers aren't crazy about Morphe's non-inclusive collaborations. The brand continues to show support for Jeffree Star, and influencers of color are rarely ever seen on its social media handles. "I love Manny but I'm not buying this collab. We don't play with Morphe in this house anymore," one fan of Gutierrez tweeted.

Some people even think that last week's drama between Gutierrez's dad and Rich Lux was all in preparation for this. 

Could the supportive father have only spoken out against Lux to get more buzz around his son's launch? "I honestly won’t care, you really think it was out of nowhere that Manny’s Dad started with Rich then days later has a Morphe Collab. We all know drama sells," one very intuitive follower wrote. 

This could all be true. 

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We surely wouldn't be surprised if the mess is intentional. Like, come on, Gutierrez is no stranger to controversy, and we all know Morphe loves a drama-filled collab. Stay tuned for the reveal, folks.