Manny MUA's top-secret makeup product for Lunar Beauty is just around the corner — in fact, he just had a campaign photoshoot this week. 

But, unfortunately for him, during the shoot one of his close family members might've spoiled the surprise of his first-ever product reveal.

Manny MUA's brother Nick Gutierrez posted this selfie to Instagram in front of what we're extremely sure is the Lunar Beauty's first product, an eye shadow palette.

He quickly deleted the photo and re-uploaded this suspiciously censored version.

But not before YouTuber Sanders Kennedy clocked the original post.

And this HAS to be the Lunar Beauty palette. It would just make too much sense.

For starters, those hues match Manny MUA's first teasers of the palette VERY closely.

Second, the packaging layout is very similar to Laura Lee's Cat's Pajamas palette, which was manufactured in conjunction with Killer Merch (which also helps manufacture Jeffree Star Cosmetics).

So it looks like the secret is out, folks.

That is, unless Manny MUA has any other tricks up his sleeve.

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