Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid Eyeliner
photo: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty

Eyeliner may seem mundane, but that's not the case when Marc Jacobs Beauty has anything to do with it. For what seems like forever, they've been our source of creamy and colorful eyeliners that glide on seamlessly. And that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon, because the brand's newest launch is exactly that. The brand-new Highliner Liquid Eyeliner, available in seven shades, comes in an extreme long-wear, shiny pigment formula that's easy to use for beginners all the way to experts. 

So if you're trying to re-create your favorite Euphoria-inspired look, or just want a cat eye like never before, these new liners are all you need. 

Glamaroon ($27)

Red liner can be intimidating, but layer atop your black wing for a dimensional look that will astound everyone. 

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Silver Lining ($27)

The holidays are around the corner, so why not add some sparkle and shine for a bit of twinkle to your eyes? 

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Steel The Show ($27)

This charcoal liner gives a smoldering look. If black liners are too harsh, this smoky color will surely set the mood. 

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Gold Getter ($27)

Arguably our favorite, this metallic yellow hue is for anyone unafraid of a little vibrance. 

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Blitz Coin ($27)

This color will leave you looking like money — no pun intended.

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Star Magic ($27)

This bronze will surely be the perfect complement to a darker-toned liner — or it'll look amazing all on its on. Who doesn't love a sultry shimmer? 

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