Normally, when a beauty brand makes an effort to feature more people of color on its social media accounts, that's a cause for celebration.

Well, that's what Marc Jacobs Beauty started doing — but people are calling bullshit.

After being shunned for excluding women of color from its campaigns for years, Marc Jacobs Beauty finally featured some Black models on its Instagram.

For a second there, most of MJB's Instagram feed was photos of Black women — a rare sight to see in the beauty industry.

And while this would normally be incredible news, something about it just feels... wrong.

photo: Giphy

And you know what it is? Rihanna.

Last week's Fenty Beauty launch was a massive success, and it showed the beauty industry that makeup made for women of color is a powerful selling tool.

In fact, the first things to sell out across the board were the brand's deepest foundation shades.

And it appears Marc Jacobs Beauty — and other brands, too — witnessed this mass hit and now want to try their hand at inclusion.

The timing was just too perfect. And people NOTICED.

And obviously, they were not happy.

Because it's great for a brand to feature women of different skin tones in its promotional images — but not to do it merely for monetary gain.

Especially when the brand in question has never made products fit for women of color to begin with.

So nice try, Marc, but Fenty Beauty is still killing the inclusion game.

You really tried it, tho.

photo: Giphy

Take notes next time.

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