There's so much preparation that goes into making sure that everything is perfect for your wedding day: the outfits, the bridal party, the hair, and of course, the makeup. And with so many expenses piling up, sometimes finding that perfect makeup artist fades to the background and before you know it, you barely have any budget left to spend on primping.

Thankfully, in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, Marc Jacobs is offering free wedding makeovers to couples getting married before May of this year. The giveaway is simple, and three lucky couples will be able to call themselves winners. 

If you like to wear makeup, your wedding look is extremely important regardless of your gender identity or sexuality.

Wedding makeup
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From the time they step down the aisle, all eyes are on the bride or groom. Flashes come from everywhere as photographs are taken from any angle trying to catch a glimpse of the union of love, so a close-to-flawless wedding beat is a must.

But finding a professional makeup artist for the big day can cost quite the pretty penny. 

Especially once you account for makeup done on the bridal party, family, and everyone else in-between, a professional wedding makeup artist's rate can span anywhere from $100 to upward of $1,000. Seriously.

That's where Marc Jacobs comes in. 

A member of the LGBTQ+ community and recent fiancé to Char Defrancesco, Jacobs is taking some of the pressure off booking wedding makeup artists for a few lucky couples.

The Wedding Belles and Beaus contest will help three LGBTQ+ couples who are currently engaged and are planning their weddings.

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The pairs will win complimentary makeup services by Marc Jacobs Beauty artists for their wedding days.

Want in? Here are the basic rules:

Your wedding must be set to take place before May 2019, and both people in the couple must be 18 years or older. You can click here to submit an application.

You'll have to answer a few key questions.

The couples must answer the following questions to be considered: What does marriage mean to you? What has your journey to marriage been like? Now is your time to share with the MJB team everything about you and your partner's love story!

The wedding will also be filmed for a very special cause.

Pride flag
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A video crew from MJB will capture the winners' ceremony for a documentary that will air during New York City Pride, which takes place in June.

So let everyone know! 

If you or a friend are tying the knot soon, you can get a world-class wedding beat with some of the best makeup out there — without paying a dime. 

This is the perfect way to prepare for Pride Weekend.

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Check out the celebrations in June of this year in the Big Apple. Get your tickets now!

In the meantime, now is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all the best in Marc Jacobs makeup and support a brand fighting for the right to love (and be) whoever you want.