The day has come, folks. We now know the details of that Netflix documentary that Marlena Stell has been teasing for months. Wrought with YouTuber drama (Stell got into a notorious Twitter argument with James Charles about the documentary's production), the premise of the film has proven not to be what anyone had anticipated. 

So what is it about? Keep on reading to find out. 

Earlier this week, Marlena Stell revealed that the long-awaited documentary that she would be a part of finally had a release date. 

"Tomorrow morning at 9 am PST on @Newsweek website, there will be the trailer for the @netflix documentary called 'Broken.' More details to come, but this hour-long documentary will be epic," she tweeted. 

So it came as no surprise when her brand Makeup Geek revealed the news. 

The brand announced that the trailer had officially made its way to YouTube and it would be coming out next week. The comments rolled in: "I am heavily invested in this series," one follower wrote. "I almost canceled my #Netflix account ... Not anymore. I haven't been this excited to watch anything in a long long time," another tweeted. 

And here it is. 

Contrary to what many believed, the movie's trailer seems to have nothing with beauty YouTuber drama. In fact, it appears to be solely about the chemicals and waste in our beauty products. It also looks to highlight the dark market of counterfeit beauty products and its effects on the consumers. 

This may explain why she was so hard on Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

If you recall, Stell released a YouTube video months ago calling out Hill's explanation for all the issues that arose with her lipsticks. In it, Stell said that Hill knew the problems of the lab she used and overlooked it after Stell warned her. Could we see some Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics drama come to light in this one?

And James Charles may be quivering, too. 

Of course, the two have exchanged words over Twitter about who was more fit to contribute to the film. And though the documentary has nothing to do with James Charles' slew of drama, if brands like Morphe are called out, many will be in hot water. 

We can't wait to tune into this one.