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You can find most of the collection on Amazon. There are two eye shadow palettes with old-school comic book packaging.

marvel eye shadow
photo: Amazon

Four nail polish duos.

marvel nail polish
photo: Amazon

A Captain America foundation compact.

marvel foundatin
photo: Amazon

Four gel eyeliner pencils, each of them celebrating a different Marvel hero.

marvel eyeliner
photo: Amazon

And four lash-curling mascaras.

marvel mascara
photo: Amazon

Oh yeah, The Face Shop has also created a men's skin care collection inspired by Captain America.

We don't care if we're not men, we're using it anyway.

Some of those products, including this facial cleanser, are also available on Amazon.

captain america the face shop
photo: Amazon

Amazingly packaged, non-budget-busting, and available internationally? Cap and the gang would definitely approve.

photo: Giphy

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