photo: Sunny Nails

There are three weeks left in this god-awful year, and just when we got excited to make it to the finish line, we've decided to throw away 2018 as a whole. Why, you ask? There are now period-inspired nail designs taking over the internet, because happiness and normalcy are apparently too much to ask for. 

If you have a weak stomach, this is not for you. 

Nail Sunny, a Russian nail salon, has long been known to push the envelope with its designs. 

While the shop is pretty awesome at traditional nail designs, its over-the-top designs are what has gained it popularity on Instagram.

Recently Sunny created nails inspired by menstrual cycles.

"Maxi pad nails," as they are affectionately referred to, are neither pleasing to look at nor have a real purpose.

Normalizing periods is definitely something we need, but not like this. 

Clearly, Sunny has quite an affinity for blood. 

photo: Instagram/Nail Sunny

But we'd take hairy nails over this one.

The salon, which has been described as "nauseatingly weird," has an Instagram page that's almost impossible to turn away from. 

photo: Instagram/Nail Sunny

You know those things that are just so bad you can't take your eyes off them? 

That's what the Russian salon specializes in: things that make us cringe.

photo: Instagram/Nail Sunny

Like babies coming out of vaginas.

Or ramen noodle nails. 

And though we can tolerate baby bottle nails, maxi pads are where we draw the line.