McDonalds candles
photo: Instagram/McDonalds

There are quite a few things we'd expect from McDonald's. Hot french fries, buttered buns, broken ice cream machines; however, we'd never expect candles. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected, and that's surely what's happening as the famous fast-food chain celebrates 50 years of a beloved favorite. 

Check out the launch ahead. 

This year, McDonald's famous Quarter Pounder turned 50, so the fast-food chain decided to celebrate. 

"The Quarter Pounder. It’s been a fan favorite for nearly half a century," they said on Instagram. "So today, we’re making the unofficial fan club official—and nothing says 'official' like a logo with a Latin motto. Check out our Story for how to join. Then stay tuned for more hot and deliciously juicy content from the Quarter Pounder Fan Club all month long." 

That's right. The burger officially has its own fan club. 

But one particular set of merch has everyone confused. 

So … there are candles coming. However, they don't smell like a sea of fresh apples, or even vanilla; instead, the candles are scented in the ingredients of the world-famous burger. The whole thing is a little confusing, but nonetheless, if you like the aroma of beef, pickles, cheese, or ketchup, then this is definitely for you. 

The drop has become the butt of quite a few romance jokes. 

"You get back to his apartment," one Twitter user began. "No bed frame … the room is carpeted in empty Gatorade bottles … but what’s that? At least he has a red candle. Apple cinnamon? Roses? You look closer. It’s the McDonalds ketchup candle." Talk about quite a Netflix and chill moment. 

Yeah, it just doesn't seem like a good idea. 

We have to admit, walking into a home that smells like a burger isn't quite our idea of fun. "If I walk into a room that smell like pickles, I will immediately become physically aggressive," one hilarious and now viral tweet said. 

On this one, we're going to have to pass. 

photo: Giphy

We'd prefer the smell of lavender and bergamot rather than onions and American cheese. However, we have to respect the food chain's dedication to the merch. We're sure these candles will actually find their way into quite a few homes.