photo: Giphy

Fans of "Mean Girls" — which is everyone, duh — lost their damn minds when rumors started circulating that there was a legit Burn Book beauty collection on the way.

Well, call John Stamos and have him tell you that you're pretty — because the day has arrived. The Burn Book-makeup crossover is REAL, and it's even better than you expected.

UK-based brush brand Spectrum Collections has partnered with Paramount Pictures for an entire "Mean Girls" line.

And the brush sets come in what looks like BURN BOOKS.

Right now, you have three options: The first is to buy the biggest Burn Book that comes empty but can hold up to 40 brushes.

The second is this smaller Burn Book that comes with the 10-piece brush set inside.

Or, you can buy the brush set by itself and score this brush pouch in the process.

Much like all of Spectrum's brushes, the "Mean Girls" brushes ia be super colorful, soft, and vegan/cruelty-free.

But these ones have several quotes from "Mean Girls" inscribed on them. YES.

The entire collection is available exclusively through Spectrum Collections RIGHT NOW.

You can find them right here. And yes, US shipping is available!

Our bodies are READY.

photo: Giphy

Let us at 'em.

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