kim crying
photo: E!

Tell me, how many things in this universe bring you as much daily joy as memes do?

I know, not that many. That might seem sad, but really it's just a sign that you're extremely with the times. It's OK, so am I. I'm also a makeup fiend, and I never thought I'd say this, but my love for both of these things has finally collided thanks to one brave soul.

Meet Ryan Kelly.

She's a makeup artist with an Instagram following of 73,000 and counting.

That's all due to her incredible gift for detailed lip art.

Sure, there are a lot of talented lip artists on Instagram, but Kelly is truly special.

Because her lip art specialty is memes. MEMES.

And it's criminally hilarious.

photo: Giphy

She's re-created such classics as Evil Kermit:

Homer Backs Into Things:

The aptly titled Jeff Goldblum:

She's even painted chicken nuggets, the most meme-able food group.

Yes, nuggets get their own group.

Then there's my personal favorite, Crying Kim:

Just look at that detail. She did that with four products.

Watch her create one of these award-worthy designs for yourself and get ready to feel that jaw drop.

Lip art ain't a game, folks. 

Your memes deserve standing ovations, Kelly.

photo: Giphy

*wipes tears from eyes because I laughed too hard*