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It's a truth universally acknowledged: in 2016, we all secretly want to be mermaids. Great hair? Shell bra? Count me IN.

But as the holidays approach, you might be wondering what to get for that friend who is really, REALLY into all things aquatic — and that's where I come in. Forget the dinglehopper (I'm pretty sure they'll figure out it's a fork); this is the ultimate gift guide for the mermaid-obsessed babes in your life.


Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick.

Looking for the perfect gift for your beauty-obsessed merfriend? Look no further than Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Creme Lipstick ($22, Too Faced). With iridescent shades of pink, purple, and blue, this is the aquatic shade of your dreams.


The ultimate undersea necklace.

mermaid necklace
photo: Etsy / BellaBeachJewels

This indie store makes gorgeous mother-of-pearl bar necklaces ($49, Etsy) engraved with oceanic sayings. You can go clear and present with "Mermaid," or go a little more subtle with "Salty" — these simple, elegant necklaces are perfection.


A seashell swimsuit.

This really only works if you know your BFF's size — but oh man, these mermaid swimsuits are AMAZING. Margarita Mermaid's suits come in a variety of styles and colors, and most come in sizes from XS to XL. Plus, returns and exchanges are quick and free (just in case you don't nail the size right the first time). Score.


An undersea onesie.

ariel onesie
photo: Sears

Adult onesies are basically the best thing ever — and they're even more amazing when they give you the mermaid hair of your dreams. Perfect for your sister who loves that undersea life, and also never wants to get out of bed. ($22, Sears)


A mermaid manicure.

Don't worry — you don't have to be an artist to get this look. Espionage Cosmetics, one of the best indie beauty brands out there, makes amazing nail wraps —and this mermaid-inspired scale design is iconic ($4, Espionage Cosmetics).

And if your BBF's manicure tastes run a little more Ursula than Ariel, you can also try the tentacle design ($4, Espionage Cosmetics).


An Ariel-approved mirror.

For your friend who is obsessed with "The Little Mermaid" in particular, this cute compact mirror from Hot Topic (I KNOW, BUT GIVE IT A CHANCE) is the perfect way to keep the sea close to their hearts — or at least their makeup — every damn day. ($8, Hot Topic)


A fabulous phone case.

mermaid phone case
photo: Society6

Because every part of your life should be mermified — even your phone case. This watercolor phone case is protective and stylish, and lets the world know you'd rather be hanging with Ariel and her sisters. ($35, Society 6)


The most stunning leggings.

If your best friend's heart is black as the deep sea, consider these goth mermaid leggings from Black Milk ($100, Black Milk Clothing). Not only are they the highest quality (so you're giving the gift of lasting fashion), but these spangly black leggings change color as you move. If you're giving these to a friend, you will need to know her size — but their sizing is generous, and they also have gift cards.


A scallop clutch.

Even mermaids need somewhere to stow their lipstick — and this rainbow seashell purse is PERFECT. ($28, Etsy)


A realistic shell bra (shirt).

Shell bras are the best thing about being a mermaid, so why not embrace that with a realistic conch bra crop top for your bestie? This sleek white tee from Wildfox ($32, Revolve) is funny and stylish at the same time.


A mystical mug.

So maybe your friend can't have rainbow mermaid hair at work — but she can have this mug. Because the struggle of not living under the sea? Too real. ($15, Look Human)


A pair of magical earrings.

wwake mermaid earrings
photo: WWAKE

Indie jewelry brand WWAKE makes THE most stunning opal earrings in the world — they look just like mermaid tears. This simple balloon-style stud is my favorite: tyellow gold, with your choice of a black or white diamond underneath. Elegant, magical, classic. (Starting at $256, WWAKE).


A fierce AF sticker.

Bei Badgirl is a body positive artistic phenom — so you NEED to give the gift of her candy-colored curvy babes to your nearest and dearest. Her signature stickers come as singles ($10, Bei Badgirl) and starter packs ($15, Bei Badgirl) — perfect for all the bad merbitches in your life.


A be-finned blanket.

What to get the half-fish friend who has everything? How about a handmade, snuggly blanket that makes them look like they have a tail? You can customize everything about these oceanic Snuggies — they're the perfect gift for anyone who loves the sea and hates pants. Which is all of us, really. (starting at $27, Etsy)


A merkitten pin.

Enamel pins are so hot right now — so why not show your love of cats AND mermaids with this adorable rose gold merkitten? ($12, Etsy)


The flyest hat.

The easiest way to look fly as hell AND tell everyone that you wish you had fins? This awesome mermaid snapback, of course. ($35, Cakeworthy Store).


A Mermaid Man pin.

photo: giphy

BLESS THE INTERNET: this amazing genius is taking pre-orders for Mermaid Man enamel pins ($8, Etsy)— you know, just in case you need a side of Spongebob humour with your mermaid fantasies. You can also order a Barnacle Boy pin for your BFF or International Justice League of Super-Acquaintances squad member.