Michelle Obama Inauguration Hair
photo: Getty Images

January 20 was a day full of excitement. Former president Donald Trump finally said his goodbyes, and decency was restored to the White House with the swearing in of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. And while fashion was among the notable moments from the inauguration, the true beauty standout came from someone who never disappoints: former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Ahead, check out exactly why. 

There was lots to rejoice in today, and Michelle Obama's hair was one of those things. 

We were filled with joy when President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in, as well as when we saw Michelle Obama's hair bounce in the wind. "The fact that #laid is trending because of Mrs.Obama I will forever stan," a fan tweeted. "She is Amazing!"

And finally, she did. 

Her name is Yene Damtew, and she's former First Lady Obama's long time hairstylist. 

"**raises hand**" she tweeted as more and more tweets rang out about the hairstylist's identity. 

She even revealed her secrets for that #laid hair. 

Humbled by all the praise, she shared the technique that she used on Obama. "Again, thank you for the love & kind words today," Damtew wrote to fans. "Here’s a video to show how I achieve my signature, bouncy curls on a client at my salon. To book an appointment, please visit http://aesthetics.salon." 

And yes, you read that right. It was such a huge deal, in fact, that #laid was trending on Twitter. 

Why? Well, because everything about the look was just that. The edges were laid, the curls were laid, the color was laid, everything: laid. "I found my joy," someone tweeted. "It was Michelle Obama’s hair. COME THROUGH CURLS AND VOLUME."

It left everyone wondering who was responsible.

Suddenly, the attention shifted from the look itself toward the talented hairstylist who made the viral moment happen. "Who TF went that crazy on Michelle Obama’s hair this morning!!" someone on Twitter demanded. "Come forth!!!"