Michelle Phan is officially back. After taking some time out, Phan is finally relaunching her makeup line, EM Cosmetics — and it's HEARTBREAKINGLY good.

EM Cosmetics was originally founded in 2013, at the height of Michelle's YouTube fame — but it struggled.

EM Cosmetics' site shut down in December to give Michelle time to revamp the entire line, from formula to packaging — the new logo, inspired by "harmonic proportions," is definitely more sleek and chic.

And the first product from the all-new EM Cosmetics? A range of "light, airy, velvety" lip colors — with a "magnetic" formula.

Even the name is cute — meet the Infinite Lip Cloud lip creme ($16, EM Cosmetics).

There are eight shades of Lip Cloud currently, all inspired by "rich oil paints."

Each color is longwearing, cruelty-free and 100% vegan — all things Phan's fans told her they wanted in a liquid lipstick.

But before you reach for your wallet, I have heartbreaking news — every single shade has already sold out.

photo: Giphy

Michelle shared that only limited quantities of each lip color would be available — but despite the three-item-per-customer limit, the entire Infinite Cloud Paint line sold out in under three hours.


Let's take a look at the colors we can't buy anymore, shall we? First is Violent Magenta, a deep berry-toned magenta.

violent magenta em cosmetics
photo: EM Cosmetics

Violent Magenta ($16, EM Cosmetics).

And yes, Violent Magenta is STUNNING.

violent magenta em cosmetics
photo: EM Cosmetics

I need this color.

Next is Rose Nude, a dusty-pink shade that was the first to sell out.

Rose Nude ($16, EM Cosmetics).


How awesome is it that Michelle shows us these colors on a range of skin tones?

Ultramarine Violet, which I covet on a spiritual level, is a deep blue-purple.

Ultramarine Violet ($16, EM Cosmetics).

Dark shades can be tricky in liquid lipsticks — and this is where Lip Cloud's unique, lightweight formula really shines.

em cosmetics ultramarine violet
photo: EM Cosmetics

Per Phan, the Lip Cloud's "magnetic" formulas contain the line-filling magic of a lip primer, as well as a rich color... literally the best of both worlds.

Spanish Brown is — duh — a warm-toned brown.

Spanish brown ($16, EM Cosmetics).

Living. For. This.

Muted Mauve is a richer, dustier rose pink with cool undertones.

Muted Mauve ($16, EM Cosmetics)

For me, this is how I like to do a nude lip — not nude at all.

Yes, rich pink. Come thruuuuuu.

Faded Clementine is a *slightly* dirty orange — and I mean that in a good way.

Faded Clementine ($16, EM Cosmetics)


Usually I'd be like "Hard pass" to orange lipsticks, but, sold. I'm into it.

Finally, there's Crimson Red — a vampy cool red.

Crimson Red ($16, EM Cosmetics)

It's perfect.

Yes, yes, a million times YES.

If you missed the Lip Cloud launch, don't worry — the shades will restock soon.

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Who knows what Michelle will ~*bless*~ our faces with next?

If the revamped EM line is half as magical as these lipsticks, I am all in.