This is Amanda Coats from Melbourne, Australia.

In 2018, she went to have her eyebrows microbladed at a salon named Cosmetics Tattoo Victoria.

But according to Coats, things went HORRIBLY wrong. Coats wrote that shortly after her session, she had a noticeable infection.

"I went to get my eyebrows feather tattooed to enhance them," she wrote on Facebook, in a now-deleted post. "I ended up with a severe infection from clinic and the skin was just falling away and my eyes blew up."

She claims her specialist failed to maintain a healthy sanitary standard and that she ignored Coats' initial concerns regarding her infection.

"The lady who did it … was very rushed, going in and out of the room attending to other clients during my procedure and also doing another eyebrow tattoo at the same time, she did not put new gloves on each time which does not keep things sterile.

I messaged and called [her] to tell her straight away something was wrong only to be ignored. I asked to come and show her and she again ignored it. I told her patches of skin had come away along with the colour that I had puss and my eyes are weeping."

Coats says things only get worse from there: After multiple doctors visits and taking prescribed steroids and antibiotics, she says her skin started FALLING OFF.

Coats says she's still experiencing severe migraines, swelling, and loss of feeling around her brow. She's also likely to be noticeably scarred.

Microblading is no joke — finding a qualified specialist and a hygienic salon takes a lot of deep vetting — and this story is proof of that.

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Coats claims she noticed that her specialist was working on multiple clients at once without changing gloves. She also says the specialist was rushed, which explains why her eyebrows were still so sparse immediately following her session.

That being said, when you're looking for a microblading specialist, book a consultation before you do ANYTHING. It will give you a chance to observe their salon or studio's cleanliness and how they treat their clients. Take it from someone who has had her own eyebrows microbladed, it's a necessity. Period.

The clinic doesn't believe that Coats' reaction could have been caused by their procedure. 

The owner of the salon told The Daily Mail Australia that, "There's no way we could be possibly responsible for the infection at that stage, two and a half weeks after the procedure." 

He continued, "My wife has done over 2,000 of these procedures, and we've never had any issues of infection." 

The salon owner also said that he remembered the events of Coats' appointment differently. He also revealed that the clinic was only contacted once with concern from Coats about discoloration, and then a second time, two weeks later, after her brows had already become infected.

Coats has reportedly also gotten legal representation in this case.   

A year after Coats' incident, the cosmetics clinic has decided to sue her for defamation. 

The cosmetic tattooist, who Coats claimed used improper and unhygienic procedures during her appointment, and the clinic are seeking $150,000 in damages, according to The Daily Mail. The salon, Point Cook's Skincare Laser Clinic, also claimed to have lost 11 clients after Coats' widely publicized post. The tattooist, Batulzii Cleveland, said that after the post went viral she received backlash and was ridiculed. 

Even though Coats' claims are being disputed, it goes without saying that if you encounter any weird red flags at your salon of choice, RUN!

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Or your skin might fall off. Literally.

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