Yesterday, Jeffree Star teased Wet N Wild's new and completely unexpected mermaid makeup vault. Now, we finally know what's in it.

Feast your eyes on Wet N Wild's Midnight Mermaid collection. It's actually the complete opposite of Unicorn Glow.


The collection includes four metallic liquid lipsticks called Coral Crown, Siren's Jewel, Sea Seduction, and Harbor a Crush.

Plus there are four metallic liquid eye shadows called Mysterious Nights, Moonlight Majesty, Lara's Necklace, and Aquatic Prism.

You can top those shadows with these three new liquid eyeliners called Sea Dreams, Sea Symmetry, and Trident's Shimmer.

Oh, you want swatches? You've got swatches.

The icing on top of the cake is this MegaGlow highlighter that shifts colors in different lighting.

The entire limited-edition bundle will be available on Wet N Wild's site on August 14 and in stores September 1.

But you've got plenty of other purchasing options. The bundle will be on Ulta's website August 13 and at Beauty Con on August 12 for a discounted price.

When the collection drops online, you can also buy each item individually. The highlighter is $7, the shadows and lipsticks are $5 a piece, and the liners will be $4 each.

Maybe once it's out, we'll finally be able to live as our true mermaid selves.

photo: Giphy

Now all we need is gills. And tails.

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