Milk Makeup Glow Oils
photo: Courtesy of Milk Makeup

It's summertime, which means we're putting our powders and matte formulas away and looking for something more lightweight and glowing. In addition, we'd rather spend most of our time on rooftops and not in front of mirrors spending hours on our makeup. 

So right in time for the warmest months of the year, Milk Makeup just launched the most convenient and shimmery oil stick that is a full makeup routine in one. Buckle up and plan some vacations, because these colors are going be the ones you want to show off all summer long. 

When we're looking to achieve an effortless glow, we know who to turn to. 

From its Skin Tints to Water Sticks to balms and highlighters, Milk Makeup specializes in the products that make our skin radiate like no other. The lightweight formulas are one of a kind and are exactly what we use when we're searching for a slightly made up look without that heavy feeling, especially in these warm months. 

And its newest release is no different. 

Welcome Glow Oils! They're sheer, shimmering colors that effortlessly glide onto the skin and blend seamlessly for a subtle tint of soft color. Available in five shades, the lightweight formula acts as a tint to the skin and is packaged in the form of an oil balm in Milk's signature stick packaging that's small enough to take on the go. 

The sheer formula adds just the right amount of color while hydrating skin at the same time. 

The antioxidant-rich rice bran oil is the glow's main ingredient and provides skin with a surge of hydration and vitamins for an instant, good-for-you glow. In other words, even on your no-makeup days, a swipe of this color will make you look like you spent a full 20 minutes working on your daily makeup or like you've sheet-masked. 

It's perfect for wearing under the summer sun. 

Let's face it, summertime is when the the mattes are long gone until the winter, and we pull out the products that make you shine like no other once the sun hits. The light flush of the oils, which builds the color with every swipe will make you look like you're glowing from within rather than the outside. That's our kind of shimmer. 

They're versatile and easy to use, even on the laziest days. 

Ever wake up and not feel like putting on makeup? That's basically us everyday. Luckily, these glow oils are so simple and can be used on any part of your face. So whether you want to add depth to the cheeks, have an effortless eye look that doesn't involve a shadow and brush, or just need a light, glossy stained lip, these sticks literally do it all. 

Check out the five radiant shades ahead. 

Solar ($14, Milk Makeup)

Solar, a watermelon shimmer, is the deepest color of the oils. The shade provides a rich, red color payoff that looks vibrant on deeper skin. Unlike the rest, one swipe will seriously go a long way.  

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Halo ($14, Milk Makeup)

Halo, a bright pink shimmer, will give you cheeks even Barbie would envy. For the person that loves a true-pink flush, this is exactly that. 

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Astro ($14, Milk Makeup)

Astro, a plum shimmer will add a sultry touch to the skin in an instant. Rub a little bit of the color on your lips and witness the most amazing berry stain. 

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Flare ($14, Milk Makeup)

Flare, a coral shimmer, is the summer shade you need in your life ASAP. The subtle orange shade gives the skin the right amount of shine with a natural finish. 

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Glimmer ($14, Milk Makeup)

Who needs bronzer when you have a color like Glimmer, a mauve shimmer. Abandon all your other products and apply this to your lips, cheeks, and eyes to look like a bronzed goddess. 

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