It's not enough for Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown to take over television and fashion; she's now taking over the makeup world — if you were born after the year 2000. WWD reports that Brown is starting her own makeup line that's specifically marketed to teens. Brown is 15, so it makes sense that she'd want to keep it in her cohort, but if you're like us, you're going to be eyeing her makeup anyway. Let's get into the deets.

It's called Florence by Mills! For the olds, Mills is short for Millie.

Brown announced the line on Instagram with an accompanying video. She revealed that the line will be called Florence by Mills; Florence is her middle name. There's already an Instagram account for Florence by Mills, too.

Brown calls it the "love of her life."

"So here it is, Florence by Mills. literally the love of my life, i can't begin to explain the love i have for this and how hard but crazy excited i was to create it," wrote Brown, adding that the line has been two years in the making. "Thanks for all the love and support you guys give me every single day."

Zoomers, this line is for you.

"Every young person deserves to have a good first start with their skin," she says in the video. It features a variety of diverse teen models, playing with Florence by Mills' makeup and skin-care products. Brown says she wanted the line to feel "fun and playful" but "sophisticated."

And because millennials and Zoomers care about the planet, it's ethically conscious.

All Florence by Mills products are cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate- and paraben-free and tested by dermatologists per the brand. It's also meant for all skin types, because we all know how your skin types changes from minute to minute!

Let's have a look at the products!

On the brand's Instagram, we have our first peek at the skin-care products and makeup. Eye masks shaped like yin-yang symbols? Yes, please! It also looks like we have a cleanser, concealer, and a berry-colored lip tint. Definitely not your Limited Too body glitter (did I just age myself?).

This stuff looks adorable.

She also shared photos of a product that is either a BHA pad or a translucent pressed powder. There's also a lip oil, face scrub, mascara, and what looks like a lip balm. Whatever the Zero Chill Face Mist is, I totally want it. 

Also, the profits are going to a great cause.

Brown's products will be released soon (we're waiting on official confirmation of the release date), but it will be available at Ulta, Boots in the UK, and on the brand's own e-commerce site. Portions of the profits will also go toward the Olivia Hope Foundation, which honors a friend of Brown's who passed away from cancer. Prices will be under $34.