My shade of Fenty Foundation is 410, my NARS shade is Macao, and my Maybelline shade is Coconut. So basically, whenever I want to try out a new foundation, you can guarantee that I'm searching through a new range of colors to find out which one is best for me, or asking the closest sales associate for their expert input. This has only become even more common considering that shade ranges have expanded tremendously. 

Foundation matching can be a pain, especially given that no two makeup brands are ever the same in terms of how they categorize complexion products' shades and undertones. But in an attempt to make our lives easier, we tend to immediately gravitate toward a shade name that we've heard before. 

For example, if your shade in one brand is, say, Almond, Caramel, Mocha, etc., your first thought will be to try that shade name from another brand, right? We do so in hopes that it'll match the same across the board, but that's rarely, if ever, the case. 

To better show off the comparisons between shade names, our very own Kala Riggins put five foundations of the same shade name to the test to see if they would match. The side-by-sides proved extremely revealing and may make you pause the next time you select a new foundation. Pay attention closely.