Just one week after transgender model Munroe Bergdorf was fired from her L'Oreal U.K. campaign for denouncing White supremacy via Facebook, she's already announced a new partnership.

It's official: Munroe Bergdorf is one of the new faces of Illamasqua, alongside model Rain Dove.

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The brand announced the new partnership with an Instagram post that read: "Illamasqua is a beauty brand with a voice and encourages you to have one, too. We are not afraid to be provocative and talk about the complex issues that affect our generation, whether they be religion, race, gender, or the environment." 


According to the brand, the campaign "centers around gender fluidity." Hell yes.

Illamasqua told Metro U.K. that "the upcoming campaign centers around gender fluidity and will feature Munroe Bergdorf and model Rain Dove as the faces championing gender fluidity and beauty."

Munroe, thank you for staying true to your beliefs.

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Just goes to show that staying strong pays off.

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