Fans think that Morphe has a new product coming that completely rips its name from one of Anastasia Beverly Hills' most iconic products. The speculation comes from a news leak concerning Morphe's U.S. trade shipments. Morphe allegedly welcomed shipments for a product called "Dipbrow Pomade" and fans are giving the alleged move a major side-eye.

Anastasia Beverly Hills owns the trademark to the "Dipbrow" term, as it sells its iconic Dipbrow Pomade ($18, Sephora) and newly launched Dipbrow Gel ($18, Sephora). Now, fans don't know what to make of the allegations that Morphe may launch a product with the same name.

Peep Morphe's recent import history according to Panjiva, a global trade company based in New York City.

Per these Perjiva records retrieved by Tea By Ali, Morphe ordered a product called "Dipbrow Pomade" on March 7, 2019. There is another document — not pictured here but provided in the original YouTube video — that shows another shipment of the "Dipbrow Pomade" that Morphe received on April 24, 26, and 29. Why would Morphe be receiving Dipbrow Pomade imports on these days? Why would Morphe want to name its eyebrow pomade after the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow branding when it already has its own brow cream which is similar to that product? 

Revelist reached out to Morphe but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Just in case you needed any more proof of Anastasia Beverly Hills having the product trademarked, here's the Justia record. 

anastasia beverly hills
photo: Justia

The Justia report shows that Anastasia Beverly Hills has active trademark rights to the term "Dipbrow." The brand filed for it in 2012! Since then, the Anastasia Beverly Hills products have become a makeup bag staple for makeup artists, celebrities, and casual beauty fans alike. From legal and casual standpoints, it truly makes no sense for another brand (one with a negative reputation, no less) to try to use the term in any way.

Some fans have another theory about why Morphe has "Dipbrow Pomade" imports coming in. 

"Might just be the temporary name since it seems they're trying to dupe Dipbrow," one fan wrote. "I think they would know better than to release a product by that name." Another person speculated, "I thought the same thing. Maybe they are just using that term in-house and the final product will be called something else."

That theory seems most plausible based on the results from this Google search. 

morphe dipbrow
photo: Google

If you Google "Morphe Dipbrow," then it does appear that Morphe possibly made itself searchable by that term. Based on the product's formula and packaging, it also seems very clear that the Morphe Brow Cream ($6, Morphe) is meant to be a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade. Fans made similar comparisons in the comments section of the Morphe brow creams. This leads me to believe that the "Dipbrow Pomade" labeling on the imports documents could just be the in-house term as the fan pointed out. 

After all, there are no rules about how you have to label your products when you get them shipped. 

photo: Disney

Imports probably only have to be labeled so that the brand itself can recognize the product. The trademark infringement only comes into play when you overstep with your packaging labels and marketing verbiage. If I were running Morphe, I'd reserve my coins for continuing to pay influencer,s and not paying damaging fees to Anastasia Beverly Hills if a lawsuit were to happen. By the way, Morphe just dealt with a lawsuit. I'm sure the brand wouldn't want to hop on that rollercoaster again. 

Never forget that BECCA Cosmetics filed a lawsuit against Morphe in 2018.

BECCA claimed that Morphe copied packaging that it originally worked on with Jaclyn Hill, prior to her parting from the company and partnering with Morphe. Morphe refuted those claims then and also pointed to other brands that previously used similar packaging. Being in and out of court is no cheap process. I doubt Morphe wants to go through that again. 

And if perhaps, Morphe would overstep with a "Dipbrow" anything, it should probably be prepared for severe backlash.

I have a strong feeling that the original Dipbrow Pomade is the only Dipbrow the beauty community will be acknowledging. Per that active trademark labeling on Justia, it's the only Dipbrow the courts will acknowledge as well. Copying the brand that not only trademarked the name but also transformed the brow product industry, in general, is just a really bad move to make. Let's hope Morphe sidesteps that situation entirely. "Brow Cream" sounds just fine.