The world of nail art is a never-ending sea of creativity. Nail artists have essentially become the Picassos of appendages, and the new innovations that develop in the world of manicures every week get more and more impressive. 

Take gel extensions for instance: For decades, women have relied on acrylics to add length to their nails and overall create a hard an essentially unbreakable nail. The result however, has been the damage of nail beds everywhere, and women who have spent years repeatedly coating their nails in the powder, are unable to whip their fingers back into shape. Enter gel extensions, a much healthier and much easier-to-remove method that soaks off in minutes and doesn't require excessive drilling to get rid of.

Russian nail salon Nail Sunny has been a leader in nail innovations like these. And while most of our timelines are filled with beautiful geometric nail art, or ornate crystals like Cardi B's, this salon goes way past anything anyone could ever imagine. The anything-but-ordinary designs are inspired by real life, literally. They've found a way to create nails inspired by menstrual cycles, child birth, and so many other things. We cannot make this up. 

And while not all of their designs are for those with weak stomachs, most are for those with wild imaginations. Check out just a few of the hundreds of insane designs this salon has to offer. 

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