photo: NARS

Think about this: There have been countless numbers of white supermodels who have served as the faces of major beauty brands and campaigns. Despite more than a two-decade career, however, the legendary Naomi Campbell hasn't yet had that opportunity. That is, until yesterday.

On Wednesday afternoon, Campbell's dreams of heading a beauty campaign came to fruition as she announced that she is the new face of beloved makeup brand NARS. She's joining the ranks of Jourdan Dunn, Zoe Kravitz, and Willow Smith as women of color breaking down barriers with their beauty endorsements. All we have to say is it's about time. 


When I first caught wind that Naomi Campbell would be the new face of NARS, my heart skipped a beat. Not because there was anyone more deserving, but because my always fond memories of NARS had just become so much fonder. 

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

I remember it like it was yesterday, when I fell in love with the brand. My mom, who's a NARS obsessive, first introduced me to Orgasm blush around the age of 10. 

photo: Instagram/NARS

It was the only blush she used, and I would sneak into her makeup stash before school to dust my cheekbones with the mesmerizing pink shade. 


My brother and I even bought her the entire Orgasm line one Christmas, a decision that in hindsight I see was more for me than for her. 

photo: Instagram/NARS

The always recognizable yet simple packaging and incomparable quality of product has become not only a staple of my makeup collection, but also a constant reminder of that moment I first fell in love with makeup. 

photo: Instagram/NARS

So you can imagine my excitement upon hearing that one of the most iconic black supermodels would be the face of NARS' brand new campaign. 

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

The striking campaign photo, a tight shot of the 48-year-old's stunning features complemented by a subtle application of product, represents everything I've loved about NARS for years.

photo: Instagram/NARS

It bares an uncanny resemblance to another NARS campaign photo Campbell modeled for decades ago.

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

Campbell first revealed the campaign by contacting various black influencers and beauty content creators such as Jackie Aina through Instagram. 

DM me, Naomi.


"Very excited to be the new face of NARS Cosmetics," she wrote in her Instagram post. 

photo: Instagram/NARS

What does this mean for the beauty industry? Or for women of color as a whole?

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

There's something about this campaign that make it feel like NARS is after more than brownie points for being diverse. It feels organic, as if this was written in the stars. What better person for this campaign than someone who embodies simplicity and glamour in one package?

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

In childhood, I was lucky enough to have unapologetic black women who broke down barriers in beauty and fashion, much like Campbell, around to admire.

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

The collaboration of these two icons in my life, Campbell and NARS, is huge. And yet again, another black woman has become the face of a major beauty brand. 

photo: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

That's always a win.


Thank you, François Nars and Campbell, for giving us the perfect holiday gift. 

This is why you have always been my favorite.