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If you grew up in front of a TV in the 1990s, there are few things more comforting to you than a few good episodes of an old Nickelodeon cartoon. If you're a beauty lover, too, the only thing even MORE comforting than that is a solid eye shadow palette.

Apparently, Nickelodeon wanted to combine those loves. Prepare yourself, '90s kids.

Nickelodeon honest to God makes a throwback eye shadow palette — and it looks just like the network's iconic neon-orange cassette tapes you used to beg your parents for.

The $17 palette is an official Nickelodeon product, but the only place it's currently sold is Hot Topic.

And the shades inside are even brighter.

Just wait until you hear these shade names.

Top row: I'm Beautiful, You Eediot!, He Loves Me, All Dolled Up, Smashing
Bottom row: Rawr, Oh Fishsticks, Football Head, I'm the Boss, Hi Ho Diggety

The only problem? It's OUT OF STOCK.

There's no telling if Hot Topic will replenish its online supply of the palette — your best bet at scoring one of these now is to call up all your nearby locations and ask if it's carried in store.

So get to making those phone calls, '90s kids and beauty fiends.

photo: Giphy

It doesn't feel like this one's going to around much longer.

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