This is YouTuber Nicole Skyes.

She has over 2.8 million subscribers, and she's about to blow your mind. 

She's going to take 50 FULL BOTTLES of glitter...

And pour it all in her bathtub — artfully, of course.

Just the first bottle of teal glitter sends her tub into a frenzy — and that's just the background for this masterpiece.

She then proceeds to create a whole unicorn with even more glitter.

Oh my god, it's beautiful. But she's going to destroy it anyway.

She dips her toes in and they're INSTANTLY coated. She'll never get that completely off.

No, really — she'll NEVER get that glitter off.

Because she gets ALL THE WAY IN.

R.I.P. that t-shirt.

It was worth it to watch Skyes turn into a true work of art.

Her bathtub now belongs in the Modern Museum of Glitter.

That's not a real museum, but it should be.

When she's done, she mixes all the glitter together for a straight up galaxy.

Watch Skyes' glitter video here and prepare to be mesmerized.

We sure were.