YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials (or NIkkie De Jager) is a woman of many talents, and we're not just talking about makeup. The international beauty maven who hails from the Netherlands is also bilingual. However, that side of De Jager is something we've rarely gotten to see, as most if not all of her tutorials are spoken in English. 

But not anymore. In a long-awaited video, she created a mesmerizing makeup look while speaking solely in her native tongue, and people are obsessed. Ahead, check out the impressive tutorial and the reaction from fans. 

In case you didn't know, beauty YouTuber Nikkie De Jager is Dutch. 

And though all of her videos are in English, she's fluent in her native language — she often throws a few Dutch words into many of her tutorials. So to give us a taste of her home country of the Netherlands, she just posted a tutorial completely spoken in Dutch. 

"HALLO GLIMMENDE BABIES! Haha! Today I’m doing something you guys have been WAITING FOR! Today’s makeup tutorial will be done in DUTCH only! Dutch Word of the Day? More like DUTCH VIDEO of the Day, hah! Get ready for a lot of tongue twists and funny words! Hope you enjoy!" she wrote about the latest video. 

The video has even those who can't understand Dutch obsessed. 

"I love when you speak Dutch! I don’t know what you're saying, but I love it," celebrity makeup artist and Fenty Beauty ambassador Priscilla Ono commented on the video. 

However, the all-Dutch task was challenging even for a native speaker like De Jager. 

De Jager herself couldn't even remember certain words or phrases, and fans noticed.

"From my own perspective, I believe she's immersed herself in the industry and grown professionally in English, and I'd wager it's why it's difficult for her to do this in Dutch. I say this because I have this problem myself, having studied, developed a portfolio and worked in English," someone said about the tutorial in a Reddit thread

Fans also noticed that she used a very familiar/controversial palette to create the eye look. 

"Also for part of her eye look she uses the Morphe x James Charles palette... and I don't think I've seen a guru (at least not the ones I'm subscribed to) use it since dramageddon 2.0," someone commented about the product, which hasn't been seen on a popular makeup YouTube channel in months. 

Of course, her fellow Dutchies loved the long-overdue shoutout. 

"As a Dutchie I can understand why she has trouble switching to Dutch. She is used to doing her videos in English and when she switches to Dutch she has to think about the words. If I read a story in English I tell it in English. Otherwise I have to think more about what I am going to say, rather than the story on its own. The places of words is also different in a sentence, so we have to reconstruct it as well," one said

She gained back some long lost fans with this creative tutorial. 

"Ok I haven’t watched a full video of hers in years, but this one interested me. And WOW, she really is talented," a former fan wrote. "Her makeup choices are definitely on the other spectrum of my preferences, but I would loooove to be able to do my makeup like that for a special occasion." 

Though De Jager had a few hiccups, she powered through flawlessly. 

"If asked to present my work in my native Portuguese, yes, I could do it, but would probably trip up along the way. My industry-specific vocabulary is alright mostly because I did do an internship while doing my undergrad at home, but if I hadn't worked there at all, then I'd definitely have a harder time. It seems like it could be sorta similar reason for Nikkie," someone commented.

Not too bad for someone who has built a career speaking almost completely in English.