Let's face it, the lives of influencers can be pretty intriguing. More often than not, they're jetting off to elaborate vacations, posting home tours that look like they belong on the cover of Architectural Digest, and wearing designer clothing that would take us an entire year to save for. In short, it's rare that we're not wondering how much money they make. 

And while most of them remain mum on how much they're raking in per year, Nikkie Tutorials just gave us a serious hint. So, ahead, check out how much money the makeup maven is making and how she's keeping it coming in. 

In a new 'Get Ready With Me' video, Nikkie De Jager addressed common assumptions made about her. 

Before really getting into the nitty-gritty, she addressed the one question she can't seem to outrun: how much money she makes. 

"Before we dive into the specific assumptions, I have a few I want to clarify off the bat," she began. "I think the number-one assumption that I’m getting, and I’m seeing hundreds and hundreds of these in my responses, and that is 'You’re rich AF, and you don’t show it off,'" she said. 

So, how much money does one of our favorite beauty YouTubers make?

The answer is simple: A lot. 

"Let me be very honest about this, I make a lot of money," De Jager said, matter-of-factly. "I work hard for it. I always try to improve myself, and you know I kind of deserve my money because working hard for it is like earning it to me. Yeah, I make a lot of money," she said again.

However, she doesn't make as much as many people think. 

"Like, a lot of people think I have a lot more money than I actually do. Like, let me put it this way, I don’t like talking about money because I feel like it’s just unnecessary to talk about. But a lot of people feel like if I were to stop YouTube right now that I would be comfortable and I could sit out the rest of my life without moving a finger again. That is false," she clarified. 

The misconception, she believes, comes from the many products she uses in her videos.

"I also think a lot of people think I’m super, super rich because everyone assumes I get paid for every single product that I mention in my videos, and I think that’s why I’m proud of having my symbol system in my videos. I feel like ever since I introduced that a lot of people are like, 'Oh she barely does anything sponsored,'" she said.

"You know with my symbol system I very clearly clarify when I buy my own products, when something is sent to me in PR, et cetera. I don’t get paid to talk about the products. Whenever you see a little symbol that says 'ad' is when I am getting paid to talk about that certain products," she continued. 

She encouraged subscribers to go back to some of her previous videos for proof.

"Now look back at my videos. There aren’t a lot of ads in there because I barely take on any sponsorships. Now, I personally have always felt more secure with codes — I make less money with codes, but I feel like it’s more open and honest, and you all can do your own thing," she stated. 

But don't get confused — she's not against all sponsored videos. 

"Now, do I think sponsored videos are bad? Absolutely not; I will do sponsored videos in the future, it just really depends on what it is. So, that whole stigma of Nikkie Tutorials getting paid for every video — not true!" she said, concluding the discussion.

It makes sense to us.

And we surely appreciate the transparency. Come on, we can't be the only ones wondering how much these influencers are making every year. To check out the many other assumptions about De Jager, check out the 23-minute video for yourself above.