If you've seen any of Nikkie Tutorials videos, you know she's all about two things: bold liquid lips and blinding highlights.

Now, with help from Nikkie herself, you can achieve her fierce signature look with one click of the "add to cart" button.

Nikkie has created an entire makeup KIT with Ofra Cosmetics.

She made the announcement on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, and we'll never be the same.

It includes not one, not two, but THREE liquid lipsticks.

AND a three-in-one highlighter called Everglow, which you know is blinding because Nikkie wouldn't have it any other way.

Each product is brand new and exclusive, and they're all designed by Nikkie.

She even swatched all of it for us, and it's got us freaking out because LOOK at that glow.

She says the highlight comes in a multi-colored wheel because, "I wanted everyone to have the ability to shine makeup-haters' eyes out, to glow everyone from Mars and back, and make it possible for every skin tone out there."

And she did just that: even if you're too light or too dark for these shades, you can blend them together for a custom color or use them as eye shadow and lip toppers. Genius.

Even the lipsticks are Nikkie to a TEE. Of course, she went for a pink-toned matte nude shade called Nude Potion.

"It's nude, but it's not, like, deathly. All these nude colors combined and this magical potion came out."

Then there's Spell, a bright orange-red she describes as a "shapeshifter."

"In some lights, it's a true beautiful, coral neon, but in other lights the pink-y metal-ness really comes through. It rocks my world."

Finally, there's the deep, metallic Coven.

"Coven is a beautiful, warm, bronze-y chocolate color that has a metallic finish to it. This on darker skin tones is pure and utter sexual-ness."

And if you thought it all looked good in the swatches, just wait until you see her apply it all.

Ofra's liquid lipsticks are known for their intense pigments and comfortable, mousse-like texture, making them the PERFECT cadidates for a Nikkie collab.

You won't be able to buy any of these items individually, but you can buy the entire vault for $79.

And if that seems a little expensive, you can get 30 percent off if you use Nikkie's code (NIKKIE, obviously) at checkout. That brings your price all the way down $56.

The best part? This is all hitting Ofra's online store on March 29. That's in TWO WEEKS, people.

Precisely at 10 am est at Ofra Cosmetics' site.

When Nikkie posted that "sooner than you think" teaser, she really wasn't kidding.

And Nikkie is READY for us to have it.

Same, girl. Same.

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