People celebrate 4/20 in different ways. For some it's a day to chill out, relax, and let the marijuana transport them to another universe. For others, it's just like any other day, and for some, that means 4/20 makeup tutorials. Beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials (aka Nikkie de Jager) is a fan of the latter. But it was only right that she spiced things up in celebration of kush lovers' favorite holiday with one of the funniest makeup tutorials we've seen thus far. 

But it wasn't a stoned makeup tutorial as many would expect. Instead, it was nine full minutes of pure laughter as Snoop Dogg walked us through how to do makeup — well, de Jager's makeup that is. 

Check out the outrageous video ahead. 

4/20 just passed, and of course Nikkie de Jager celebrated with a makeup tutorial. 

But it wasn't about marijuana leaves decorating her eyelids; it wasn't even green eye shadow at all. It was something so much better. Instead, she had none other than Snoop Dogg, the rapper extraordinaire turned business mogul, narrate her tutorial. The ending result was epic. 

The hilarious tutorial has us wondering if Snoop may have a future in beauty.

There's no question that the Dogg is multifaceted, but this takes it to new heights. "Snoop Dogg narrating Nikkie Tutorials’ video has proved to me that he knows wtf going on when it comes to makeup more than I ever will," one Twitter fan commented.

He proved to be quite the hype man. 

Fans just couldn't get over Snoop's support of the YouTuber. As each product was applied, Snoop was full of compliments and words of encouragement. 

"Snoop Dog doing Nikkie Tutorials voice over hyping her up the whole video is now my favorite video on YouTube. what a DREAM," wrote another fan.

Snoop should definitely consider doing some ASMR work. 

The Dogg's soothing voice definitely added to the already hilarious video. Another choice fan reaction reads, "Ok but nikkie having snoop dogg narrate her makeup tutorial was really great. Honestly, Snoop has such a relaxing voice i could've listened to him for an hour."

4/20 was a great night for a lot of people specifically because of the video. 

We can only imagine how many people partook in the 4/20 festivities and kicked back to the sounds of De Jager and Snoop. At least that's what we did, of course. 

"Snoop Dogg doing Nikkie Tutorials makeup routine voice over is the only thing I need this Saturday night," one user shared.

And de Jager agreed that Snoop was the only acceptable person to carry out the task. 

Do you think this is her craziest collab? Because she sure does. "Celebrating 4/20 in the ONLY way acceptable…. get ready for the CRAZIEST collab ever!!!!!!! ???? SNOOP DOGG NARRATES MY MAKEUP ROUTINE!!!!!!!" de Jager shared on Twitter. 

And through the extensive contour, elaborate eye look, and everything in between, Snoop's tone was really all we could focus on. 

We loved the makeup, but it's clear that the smooth tone of the rapper's voice was the true star of the video. The eye shadow is cool too, of course. "Watching Nikkie Tutorials video that's narrated by Snoop Dogg and why tf is snoops voice so soothing," one Twitter user agreed. 

Who knew we needed this so much?

4/20 is all about the chill, and this video did just that. We stan. This person certainly agrees: "Snoop dogg narrating a youtube tutorial is something I didn't know I needed until watching nikkie's video."

Our favorite part?

To wrap up the video, Snoop yet again gave his stamp of approval with a simple phrase that was oh-so reassuring. 

"Snoop Dogg's voiceover on Nikkie's makeup tutorial is everything. 'I'm lovin it, baby.' Lmao," this fan cackled.

So check it out for yourself. 

It may not be 4/20 anymore, but that sure doesn't mean you can't bust into laughter the way we did at the video. Snoop Dogg never ceases to amaze us by reinventing himself time and time again. Now that is what we call really getting to the bag. #Goals.