Nikkie Tutorials Transgender
photo: Instagram/NikkieTutorials

The culture of outing those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community continues to be a problem plaguing society. Case in point, famed YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials was just subjected to the weaponization of her identity two weeks ago when a malicious blackmailer forced her to reveal her story on her YouTube channel. However, the joke was on them, and the love for de Jager only grew even more. 

Now, after two weeks of support and praise, she's thanking everyone for their well wishes and answering some poignant questions in the process. 

Although Nikkie Tutorials was forced to reveal being transgender to the world, the reactions have been amazing. 

While the YouTuber was ultimately blackmailed into sharing her story with the world, the reactions from her subscribers, fans, friends, family, and even strangers have been overwhelmingly positive. Just about everyone has expressed how proud they are of de Jager bravely telling her story and is completely determined to bring her blackmailer down. 

And as a follow-up to the iconic video, which now has more than 33 million views, she's thanking fans and answering questions submitted since her brave revelation. 

She first expresses her immense gratitude for the way that her story of being a transgender woman has been received, followed by her addressing the burning questions fans had, first being who is that malicious blackmailer. However, with de Jager being the dignified woman she is, she's keeping mum, admitting that while she has the power to ruin their lives, she's not revealing the name. 

She's being praised for her grace. "I think it really shows what type of person she is when she spoke about having the power to destroy her blackmailer's life, but choosing not to do it," a fan said in a Reddit thread. "Props to her, I'm sure it was difficult as hell to make that choice, but I think she did the right thing."

And while we're sure it hasn't been easy for her, we admire how she remains so very unbothered.

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Though the response has been one of immense support, we can't forget that de Jager was ultimately outed at a time when she wasn't comfortable revealing those personal details about her life. Nonetheless, she's handling it in a way that only she could, giving us yet another reason to stan the makeup goddess even more.