There's no shortage of Valentine's Day makeup inspo out there, but leave it to Nikkie Tutorials to set herself apart from the others. In her latest video, she chats with friends about her former hate for the lovers' holiday while creating a pink-cloud-inspired makeup look that's nothing short of mesmerizing. 

If you're single this Valentine's Day, this video is guaranteed to make you feel a little bit better. 

Did you know that Nikkie Tutorials used to hate Valentine's Day?

Neither did we! But she just told us. She posted to her Instagram a teaser of a tutorial inspired by today's holiday. "Head in the clouds," she said donning pink clouds across her face. "In my NEW video on YouTube, I tell you why Valentine’s Day SUCKS ... and how to make it better!!!" 

So, of course, we tuned in. 

However, it wasn't as much of a lovers' bash session as you'd expect. Instead, de Jager simply touched on going years and years without a Valentine, something all of us can relate to. "Valentine’s Day… you either love it or you hate it!" she told fans. "I’ve never been a fan. All those years of not getting any cards, chocolates, or… ANYTHING. Haha!! Today I create a colorful pink cloud Valentine's look and talking about some fun moments in my love life!"

She was inspired by a fellow makeup artist, Lauren Sullivan. 

The young and extremely talented artist creates some seriously unreal looks that included this visibly sadder Valentine's Day look. Because unlike de Jager, V-Day is still proving to be a little sad for some of us. "My first valentine’s 2020 look!," Sullivan recently wrote on Instagram. "More clouds and tears!! i cannot be stopped!!"

And while there are in fact lots of singles out there this week, de Jager isn't one of them. 

She has her wonderful fiancé, Dylan Drossaers, to cuddle up with this year, who we're positive will shower his queen with lots of roses, chocolates, and teddy bears. Don't you just love, love? Well, sometimes. 

Well, at least some of us got hit by Cupid's arrow. 

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It may not be all of us, but if anyone deserves love, it's de Jager. To all those single ladies out there, no worries if you don't have that special someone. Slap on a beat face, treat yourself to something nice, and enjoy your day.