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photo: Instagram/Norvina

On the spectrum of problematic makeup brands, Anastasia Beverly Hills is pretty low on that list. However, that doesn't mean that everything is always peachy. The brand's president, Norvina, took to her Twitter to reveal that a rival brand is allegedly trash-talking ABH to consumers, and she's not having it. 

Check out the tea and what brand it could be.

Norvina has never been afraid of being vocal about those who cross Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

And it looks like someone has tried it again. She expressed her dismay yesterday on both Instagram and Twitter. "'Somebody' is running around having their team call our brand 'drag queen makeup' thinking I’m not gonna find out and catch all the shade they’re throwing," she said, leaving everyone wondering who she is talking about. 

And while many rallied to say that the phrase "drag queen makeup" should be seen as a compliment, Norvina quickly made it known that those are not the intentions. 

"No of course not, it’s like every time somebody tells me I look trans," she responded to a tweet praising drag queens and their undeniably fabulous makeup style. "It’s how they meant it that’s very disrespectful; they meant it as a diss and that says a lot about them."

Could a brand out there be hiding some passive homophobia?

She said that while she's let things slide in the past, she's not doing it anymore this year. 

"I’m way too damn passive, I hate confrontation and want to avoid it at all costs," she continued. "But there’s something about the energy of 2020 that tells me I'm not putting up with any bullsh*t." We wonder if that means that she'll reveal who it is, once and for all. 

But that's not all: Looks like there has been legal action taken as well. 

"The next legal letter I receive from a brand trying to challenge long-standing trademarks and practices of this brand so you could make your sh*t seem legit, I’m putting your ass on blast so you better be ready for it," she warned. "Everybody can see how scary you really are."

So who could it be?

While Norvina still hasn't divulged that information, many commenters believe that it's Too Faced following the drama surrounding the news that Jerrod Blandino's sister was making transphobic remarks about Nikkie Tutorials. Blandino has since said that his sister's words are no reflection of his feelings toward the LGBTQ+ community.