Alice & Olivia Fashion Week 2019 nails
photo: Kiss

It's a memory that feels as current as yesterday. I was young, maybe 7 or 8, and I was always so jealous of my mom when she would return home from her nail appointment every two weeks. She'd arrive with a fresh French manicure adorning her staunchly squared acrylics, and I was completely enamored with the look. For me, the style represented maturity and class, and as a beauty obsessive from a young age, I wanted to be a part of that. 

In hindsight, the look was dreadful, absolutely abhorrent, something both my mother and I could agree on, but back then I made the promise that as soon as I was old enough, I, too, would be the cool girl that had those bright white tips on short acrylics. However, lucky — or unluckily — for me, by the time I began consistently getting my nails done, the fad had passed. Whew!

Fast-forward more than 15 years, and French tips are slowly but surely making their return. But this time it's not with those awful stumpy nails — that's a fad we hope will never come back. Instead, it's a more natural look featuring thinner tips, often in a variety of colors, more natural shapes, and with beautiful 3D accessories. Proof of the nail trend's return came during New York Fashion Week, with models in some of the most prestigious shows donning nails in the classic style. So ahead, check out some of our favorites, and see how the old-school look is being remixed into something much more classic. 

Pearled French by Gina Edwards for Kiss at Alice + Olivia Spring/Summer 2020

Gina Edwards for Kiss at Alice + Olivia Spring/Summer 2020
photo: Kiss Products

Edwards truly outdid herself with this look, adding elevated pearls and rhinestones to the French look. ”I instantly felt transported to a dream land while creating looks for Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2020 Collection,” said Edwards. “I wanted to celebrate the fantasy feel of the collection with a fresh, whimsical take on classic nails.” 

Kiss Breathtaking Salon Acrylic French Nude ($8)

These nouveau stick-on nails will replicate the look from the Alice + Olivia show perfectly. 

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"Futuristic Finish" by Julie Kandalec for Essie at Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2020

Julie Kandalec for Essie at Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2020
photo: Essie

Kandalec created the glitter-finished look with what she called a "painterly tip" that featured a seafoam green shade. The color, which was featured throughout Siriano's collection, was the perfect touch to the classic yet edgy look. 

Essie Glossy Shine Finish in Turquoise and Caicos ($12)

photo: Essie

This seafoam green will replicate the chic tip of the mani at Christian Siriano's show.

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"Romantic, Clean, and Minimal" by Betina Goldstein for Essie at Khaite Spring/Summer 2020

Betina Goldstein for Essie at Khaite Spring/Summer 2020
photo: Essie

Goldstein put a modern and elevated spin on the mani for Khaite's September 7 showcase. She described the look as "an ode to the '90s and early 2000s" while making the look much more chic with thinner tips. 

Essie Glossy Shine Finish in Blanc ($9)

photo: Essie

Try this creamy white on the tips for the same look as the nails at Khaite's show.

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