The idea of searching through 100 shades of foundation seems like a daunting task, especially when you're no beauty expert. So you can understand the concern that many had when PÜR announced that it would be launching that many shades of its new 4-In-1 Love Your Selfie Foundation And Concealer a few weeks ago. Additionally, it seemed like a gimmick and yet another chance for a brand to monetize on deep skin tones — which, frankly, we're sick of. 

But is this launch different? Beauty YouTuber Nyma Tang surely seems to think so. The opinionated and well-versed beauty vlogger had a lot to say about PÜR's latest launch, and it didn't get the reaction many expected. 

When PÜR announced that it would be launching 100 foundations, people were skeptical. 

With so many large shade range misses this year, the whopping number, for many, seemed like a guaranteed epic flop. Additionally, people asked if that number was just too much. As many people struggle to find their shade in lower number ranges such as 40-60, the idea of fishing through even more colors doesn't seem like the most desirable task. 

Beauty lovers knew they could count on Nyma Tang for a the real, unfiltered opinion. 

Critical of most large shade releases, and rightfully so, Tang is never afraid to state her unfiltered opinion, especially as to if the foundations are suitable for her deep and rich skin tone. Makeup obsessives knew that if it had the Tang stamp of approval, than it would be something that everyone could get on board with. 

Understanding how overwhelming the number 100 could be, she broke it down.

She explained that the first step in finding your shade is identifying your skin tone category, narrowing your options down to 20. Then, it's time to determine your undertone. Once you've done that, the actual amount of shades to sift through is only about 6-7, making things a lot easier.

She then showed us her shade. 

DPP6 is the color Tang said matched with her skin tone. And considering that generally, Tang is best-fit with the last shade in many ranges, it was surprising to see that her color had even more shades following. 

Then came the moment of truth. 

Tang swatched every color in the "deep" and "dark" skin tone categories, a whopping 40 shades. Through it all, she spoke on the quality and thoughtfulness of the undertones, and from looking at her arm swatches, there was no grey in sight. And while some you could barely tell the difference between, Tang clarified that it was much in part to the lighter shades not being compatible with her skin tone. 

Though not the biggest fan of the complementary brush, she explained how she continued to rave over the new release.

The brush proved not firm enough for Tang's liking, but it didn't stop her from sharing how much she enjoyed the smooth consistency of the foundation and the practically perfect shade match. The formula spread easily across her face, creating an even distribution and natural, dewy finish, proving to be perfect for summertime or for those who like a more skin-like finish. 

Then using the second doe foot feature of the foundation/concealer hybrid, she highlighted using a lighter shade. 

And of course, Tang had no problem finding her suitable highlight shade, which proved to be packed with the appropriate undertones she needed. Even better, the matching formula made for seamless blending of the two shades as the colors worked flawlessly in conjunction. 

The result was a flawless beat with a natural coverage. 

Tang was glowing, literally. With a simple eye and nude, glossy lip she finished the look perfectly. She praised PÜR for being the brand that's done the large shade range the best for the time, and by the end had no gripes about the large range. 

And of course, she went on to do the flash test.

"There was no flashback at all," she said as she posted a side-by-side photo. 

Tang wrapped it all up with a radiant daytime selfie. 

The formula proved to hold up all day and looked amazing in daylight. 

It looks like the PÜR Love Your Selfie Foundation ($36, Ulta) has broken the shitty shade range curse that's plagued beauty over the past year. So now that we know this is the real deal, make sure you visit PÜR's website to find your perfect color.