photo: Instagram/NYX

Have you ever observed some beauty drama and wondered why it was even considered drama in the first place? Well, that's how hundreds of makeup lovers are feeling after Jeffree Star accused NYX Cosmetics of stealing Lime Crime swatches and passing them off as its own. And while at first glance it may in fact seem that way, Twitter is realizing that the flub may have truly been a genuine mistake. 

So what are your thoughts? Did NYX intentionally steal another brand's swatches, or is it all a case of GIF-ing gone wrong?

NYX is in a bit of hot water. 

But it's not just with anybody; in fact, it's with Jeffree Star, who called the brand out for what he says is stealing old Lime Crime swatches and passing them off as its own. "Do these brands really think we’re stupid? @NyxCosmetics just tried to act like these old @limecrime lip swatches were [theirs] and deleted it after I said something … girl, byeeee," he said of the now deleted tweet of pastel lipsticks. 

But the makeup brand chalked up the hiccup to Monday brain.

"#Mondays amirite thanks for catching!" they said in a tweet that seemed to do the opposite of feeding into Star's clear desire to cause drama. 

Honestly, fans are being sympathetic to NYX.

The reaction definitely wasn't what we were expecting. Twitter was surprisingly forgiving. "People forget there's someone behind the screen. Mistakes happen. Everyone is too quick to play the cancel card. How would it feel if you had a long day at work, mess up on accident, and everyone is up your ass and you can't do anything about it? S**t happens. Life moves on," someone noted. 

And considering that it was a GIF posted and not photos, the mistake became even more understandable. 

"I mean, sometimes GIFs aren't labeled properly. It's full well possible the person who did the tweet typed in Nyx lipstick and lime crime stock popped up because the person who made it SEO'd the GIF with a NYX tag. We aren't trying to get this person fired for a mistake," someone said, again coming to the brand's defense. 

Who knew a GIF could cause so much drama?

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And in case you were wondering, it took us only about five seconds to locate the GIF above. Because of that, we're sure NYX just wanted to share some lip love on a Monday and things went a little left. Mistake forgiven.