photo: Instagram/Ofra Cosmetics

2019 has barely begun, and beauty brands are already behaving badly — or are they? For Ofra Cosmetics, no one is really sure after it claimed its page was hacked by someone who liked several harmful Donald Trump tweets. Now, in the technology age, hackers are everywhere, but some aren't buying that excuse.

Is this a case of someone trying to tear down Ofra Cosmetics, or are the principles of our xenophobic president the principles the brand truly stands for? Looks like we'll find out soon. 

Ofra Cosmetics is one of the OG indie beauty brands that has withstood the test of time. 

photo: Instagram/Ofra Cosmetics

The 40-year-old makeup powerhouse had long prided itself on being one of the original brands to create cruelty-free, vegan products. 

However, it caught plenty of side-eyes yesterday when its Twitter page was spotted liking several inflammatory Donald Trump tweets. 

photo: Instagram/Ofra Cosmetics

Twitter turned to mayhem as loyal and longtime customers expressed their frustration with the seemingly careless actions taken on the social website.

The liked tweet that set off followers was one made by Trump about that wall.

photo: Instagram/Estee Laundry

"Only a wall, or a steel barrier, will keep our country safe!" read the polarizing tweet. 

Then came a slew of others.

photo: Instagram/Estee Laundry

Tweets regarding "fake news," border security, and a variety of other controversial issues Trump frequently speaks about took over the "likes" portion of Ofra's Twitter feed.

Almost immediately, Ofra fans began responding, even those not in the United States.

A Canadian buyer says, "He's destroying your company one racist tweet at a time."

It left several wondering if these beliefs were at the core of the makeup brand.

"This is incredibly disappointing," wrote one Twitter user and Ofra customer.

After catching wind of the outrage, Ofra took to Twitter to say that it had been hacked.

"Please ignore any odd tweets or likes that may have occurred today," the brand shared.

The brand's Instagram comments also erupted.

photo: Instagram/Ofra Cosmetics

And the response from Ofra, with claims of a hacker, remained the same.

Ofra followed up with a statement that said the liked tweets were not aligned with the brand's core beliefs.

It also asserted that legal action would be taken against the alleged hacker. Sounds like it's getting serious.

For some, however, the apology sounded more like a PR fixer-upper than the truth.

One said that the Ofra account had been actively tweeting at the same time the brand claimed to be hacked. We can't clarify exactly what happened, but that brings up a valid point. 

"Ofra Cosmetics is a liar," one commenter chimed in.

Could the liking of tweets not have been a mistake at all?

Other responses were not as nice.

"Ur full of shit, but ok," reads one tweet.

Others were willing to let bygones be bygones. 

Some believed it was an honest mistake, but urged Ofra not to let it happen again. 

If the page was hacked, however, one customer believes it was strategic and very planned out. 

She has a point. Could someone slowly but surely be trying to bring down Ofra? We'll keep you posted on the deets.