The internet has a new beauty idol — and she's a 73-year-old great-grandma.

Twitter user Kiana shared three photos of her great-grandma, who was preparing to enter a senior beauty pageant — and absolutely KILLING IT.

"This is the cutest thing ever, she's super excited."

According to Kiana, her great-grandma is 73, "still poppin'," and definitely wears hot pink lipstick like an absolute QUEEN.

Look at that cheekbone highlight and saucy rose-pose. YOUR FAVE COULD NEVER.

I'm also going to need this ferocious goddess to tell me how she's getting that outrageous volume in her hair, because that's my dream.

I genuinely pity all the other contestants in this pageant. Kiana's great-grandma is here to school you all.

But according to Twitter, there's no need for anyone else to enter the senior pageant — Kiana's great-grandma is already the Grand Supreme.

We wish Kiana's great-grandma (great glam-ma?) the best of luck in her pageant — not that she'll need it.

She is a true inspiration to all of us. May we all slay as hard in our seventies and beyond!