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Pat McGrath is a beauty icon: editorial makeup legend, runway god, celebrity makeup genius.

So it makes sense that her makeup line, Pat McGrath Labs, is next-level — time and time again, her fans have broken her website trying to buy super-shiny metallic eye shadows, glittery lip kits, and blinding highlighters.

Well, get ready. Because the Queen of Makeup is about unleash her brightest creation yet.

McGrath created this sublime electric blue eye for the Anna Sui show at NYFW.

And she hinted that this neon cobalt shade would be part of her next limited edition product drop!

"Coming Soon from Pat McGrath Labs....."

Say no more, girl.

McGrath always teases her upcoming product drops on the runway, so this is a surefire sign that a metallic blue eye shadow is on the horizon.

And when that time comes, the internet will be impatiently waiting to throw its money at it.

And if the promise of a new eye shadow weren't enough, McGrath is bringing back TWO sold-out products like an actual fairy godmother.

The Skin Fetish 003 highlighter is coming back on March 3!

She's been teasing the triumphant return of this one WEEKS. For $72, you'll get a highlighting stick, powder, and brush. It comes in two shades: Gold and Nude. 

And the glittery lip kit LUST 004 returns March 13.

You can buy Lust 004 as a single lipstick for $25 or as a complete set with lipstick, glitter, and clear gloss for $60. The kits comes in three shades: Nude (deep neutral lipstick, gold glitter), Vermillion Venom (deep red lipstick, red glitter), and Bloodwine (plus lipstick, deep red glitter).

Both will be exclusive to Pat McGrath's website, so if you want either of them, it's time to prepare for battle.

Pat McGrath suprised everyone earlier this month by restock a small supply of Lust 004 at Sephora online, and it sold out almost instantly. And, when she launched Skin Fetish the first time, the website broke during the pre-sale, and it was all gone before the pre-sale was even over. 

You have to create an account on McGrath's site to buy anything, so if you don't already have one, make it NOW. The users who had to create accounts during the Skin Fetish pre-sale were the ones who couldn't get to the store fast enough. 

Like I said, McGrath fans are rabid. 

But until then, we'll be having royal-blue dreams of this shadow shade.

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