Major, major beauty news: Pat McGrath Labs has just discounted a few of its products, and they're 50% off. These are products that Pat McGrath Labs is discontinuing, so you'll have to act now before they're gone. The sale products include liquid lipstick kits and singles, glosses, Skin Fetish kits, and her legendary Dark Star transformation kits — all in the Pat McGrath Labs packages filled with confetti. As you can expect, much of the sale stock sold out immediately, but there's still a few gorgeous products left. Get in on it while you still can!

LiquiLUST 007 Astral Vinyl Gloss Kit, $19 down from $38, at Pat McGrath Labs

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One of the best makeup purchases I've ever made was Pat McGrath Labs lip gloss. The formula is truly out of this world: It's hydrating, butter soft, and the color payoff is unparalleled. PML lip glosses also have the most stunning finish — it's almost like a vinyl coating for your pout. When the brand calls it "liquefied luxury," they are not kidding.

With this kit, you get two tube glosses in bronze and gold. Ugh, brb smashing that "add to cart" button right now.

LiquiLUST Lip Kit in Colour Blitz, $37.50 down from $75, at Pat McGrath Labs

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The ultimate indulgence for lip connoisseurs. This kit comes with three LiquiLUST liquid lipsticks in Wreckage Total 1, Revelation Red, and Nightshade, a tube of Clear Vinyl Lip Gloss, and a pot of its Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment. With this kit, you can apply a coat of clear gloss over the liquid lipsticks and dab on the crystal pigment for a sparkly lip situation that is out of this world.

LiquiLUST 007 Duo in Deceit, $19 down from $38 at Pat McGrath Labs.

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If you're fixing for a devilish glow this Halloween season, look no further than the LiquiLUST 007 Duo in Deceit. It features a LiquiLUST liquid lipstick in Deceit, a stunning deep oxblood color, with Astral Vinyl Gloss in Gold as a luxurious topper.

LiquiLUST 007 Duo in Femme Moderne, $19 down from $38, at Pat McGrath Labs

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This LiquiLUST 007 Duo color is suitable for everyday use — and by everyday, we mean, you're going to make this LiquiLUST liquid lipstick a part of your daily routine. That mauve rose color is universally flattering, and you can top it off with the Astral Vinyl Gloss in Gold for nights out. Swoon!

LiquiLUST 007 Singles in Revelation Red, $11 down from $22, at PatMcGrath Labs

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PML also discounted a few of its LiquiLUST 007 Single liquid lipsticks. Revelation Red, pictured above, is a bright cherry red color with a hint of pink — perfect for Hot Girl Summer days and cool fall date nights. If you cop anything during this Pat McGrath Labs sale, it should be this lipstick; you'll thank yourself when you unwrap it from the confetti.

The LiquiLUST 007 Single lipsticks are also available in Possessed and Nightshade.

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