photo: Instagram/Pat McGrath

When makeup artists like Pat McGrath talk, we listen. So of course our excitement was through the roof upon finding out that the queen of makeup would be adding mascara to the Pat McGrath Labs roster. Well, you can stop holding your breath because the long-awaited FetishEyes Mascara is almost here. I got to try it out, and trust me, it's worth all $28.

This mascara is the real deal.

Ever since we caught wind of a Pat McGrath mascara, we've been losing it. 

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I mean, come on, it's the first time the fairy godmother of makeup will be releasing such a thing. So basically we knew that it would be a guaranteed winner.

We even caught hidden glimpses this past Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards. 

photo: Instagram/Pat McGrath Labs

Pose star Indya Moore rocked a full face of PML makeup, including the mascara. The simple eye look was perfectly complemented by the dynamic mascara. 

And she wasn't the only one. 

photo: Instagram/Pat McGrath Labs

Lili Reinhart also was spotted wearing the upcoming mascara. Paired with a bronzy eye, it was hard to turn away.

But it was Amy Adams who gave us the real sneak peek. 

photo: Instagram/Pat McGrath

Not simply because she was wearing it, but because her makeup artist posted the actual product itself. 

We have makeup pro Stephen Sollitto to thank for that. 

photo: Instagram/Stephen Sollitto

When posting all the products he would be using on Adams for the night, the mascara was on full display. It's the chic black tube we've long been dreaming about. 

And now we have an official release date.

The highly anticipated FetishEyes mascara will officially launch on Valentine's Day. Hint hint to all those lovers out there wondering what to get the special person in your life. 

And just as expected, it's worth the hype.

Wondering how we know? I was lucky enough to get to try the mascara and now I'm addicted. Rowan Blanchard is too. 

The formula is top notch.

McGrath has spent three years testing the product to make sure it was just right. It's soft formula makes it OK for manipulation post-application. So you can curl your eyelashes after applying without the unsightly crow effect. 

It's perfect for any lash length or shape. 

photo: Pat McGrath Labs

My lashes are long and extremely downturned. After a few coats of this, not only did they look more voluminous but they also curled without my having to use a lash curler. 

And about that packaging.

photo: Pat McGrath Labs

It's sleek and chic just like the rest of McGrath's products. Paired with the signature gold writing, it's almost too cute to use. 

This is the mascara everyone will be talking about. 

photo: Pat McGrath Labs

Don't say we didn't warn you. Come February 1, lashes will be getting a serious upgrade. Why not join the crowd?

Did we also mention that McGrath has just released brand-new minis of her beloved glosses? 

Now being fabulous on the go just got fancier. They're available today online and in all Sephora stores. 

She's done it again. 

photo: Giphy

Now we can say "thank u, next" to those other mascaras. Mutha Pat has us covered.