Last month, fans young and old gathered in movie theaters around the world to behold the live-action Aladdin movie starring Hollywood extraordinaire Will Smith as Genie, originally played by the late Robin Williams in the original cartoon. His performance was hailed as both brilliant and hilarious, and he was transformed into an almost unrecognizable wish-granting sorcerer.

But it looks like he may have some serious competition, because YouTuber Patrick Starrr just completely morphed into the character in his newest blued-out tutorial. He looks completely unrecognizable, and Twitter is freaking out. Trust us, you will too.

It's official: Patrick Starrr is the king of makeup transformations. 

Patrick Starrr continues to prove that he's capable of far more than a simple highlight and contour by morphing into everything, including but not limited to the most-liked egg on Instagram, Elphaba from Wicked, and an Oompa Loompa. However, we weren't any less mesmerized when we saw that he had completely transformed into the live-action version of Genie from Aladdin

He painted himself in blue makeup from head to toe, literally. 

With the help of Paradise Paint and RCMA, he managed to make himself unrecognizable. And it wouldn't be like Starrr if he didn't pay attention to even the smallest of details like the beard, mustache, and single ponytail smack dab in the middle of his bald, blue head. 

"Who’s gonna rub my lamp???" the beauty expert asked on Instagram. 

Starrr called the tutorial one of his "favorites ever."

"YOU AIN'T NEVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE ME! Whoa, this transformation has to be one of my favorites EVER on my YouTube channel," he said of the jaw-dropping tutorial. "This is my version of the Genie-inspired Disney’s Aladdin live action movie starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott! I am so ready to rock this look in October! It’s too good not to be seen in person!"

Twitter was in literal shock. 

"I am both impressed and terrified for some reason," someone said after watching the mind-blowing tutorial. From the poses all the way to the voice change, Starrr had us all wondering if he had missed his calling as an actor. 

He, of course, included his brother Peter as Aladdin. 

The duo created a super-realistic teaser video in which Starrr magically appears out of a gold lamp.

"Gotta make another live action Aladdin," a fan commented, revving up the imaginations of Starrr lovers everywhere. 

"Imagine sassy @patrickstarrr being genie popping out the lamp 'girl what you want?'" another person hilariously tweeted. 

Starrr continues to wow makeup and Disney lovers everywhere. 

"You literally just raised the bar. Just when we think everything’s been done. You come like: “hold my lamp," an adoring follower tweeted. 

So make a wish, there's a real-life beauty genie going around granting all of your heart's makeup desires! 

So what would your three wishes be?

Fans are already putting in their requests, and they're holding nothing back.

"My 3 wishes would be .. 1- to have your entire Patrick star x Mac collabs 2- to eat a seafood boil w you and bloveslife 3- to get glammed by you. Is that too much ? Bc I already saw your 3 'can’t do' wishes lol," another fan tweeted.