Patrick Starrr Beard
photo: Instagram/PatrickStarrr

Patrick Starrr never ceases to amaze us. Whether it's showing off a mesmerizing new makeup look, transforming himself into real-life eggs, or having something never-before-seen up his sleeve, the makeup influencer is really a legend in his own right. 

However, if there's one thing that's always been consistent, it's his facial hair — or lack thereof. That is, until now. After a recent tonsillectomy, Starrr avoided shaving his face in order to focus on feeling better and recovering, and the results are downright shocking. 

Ahead, check out what Starrr looks like with a full-blown beard. We promise it will blow your mind. 

This is the Patrick Starrr we know and love.

A bald face and head with a killer beat to match. And when he's not letting the wind blow against his hairless scalp, he's donning a sky-high turban or a bright wig. Basically, there's really never a time that hair can be seen anywhere on Starrr's face or body. He's king of the clean shave. That is, until he had to get his tonsils removed two weeks ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Starrr with a beard. 

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you; what you are witnessing is what happens when one of our favorite beauty YouTubers goes 10 days without shaving. He's unrecognizable, and we are loving it. 

"This is my facial hair officially after 10 days of not shaving. Lol. If you didn’t know- I got my tonsils out. (Yes my voice sounds different) It was a nice time to give my skin a break from makeup! BUTT if you wanna see what I look like with makeup and my beard...," he shared on Instagram.

But what's even freakier is the change in his voice. 

We all know that a consequence of having your tonsils removed is a change in the pitch of your voice. However, we weren't expecting the mega-macho baritone that Starrr revealed in the beginning of a new YouTube video. We were stunned. 

"CMON TRADE! Y’all this was the first video I filmed after my tonsillectomy! And my voice is way different... but we are here to finally be a 'boy in makeup' with my green smoky eye and facial hair by Sophie!" he said in the video description.

And if you're unfamiliar with the word "trade," it's a queer slang term that refers to masculine gay men. 

Since showing off the new beard, he's been compared to another notable influencer. 

Angel Merino, also known as Mac Daddy, is king of the perfectly sculpted beard and heavy beat. So what will it be? Will Starrr keep the switch-up and work the hair like Merino does? We're kind of hoping he does.

One thing is for sure: People are loving it.

And we are, too. We can't lie, we wouldn't mind if Starrr kept this look forever. 

"This is the greatest look ever! Seriously I honestly had to check if I was actually looking at Peter. Must be f'n nice to be fine as a dude & stunning as a female," a fan said in the comments section of the YouTube video. 

It has us all wondering where this beard has been all our lives.

Had we known that Starrr had this beard hiding, we would have been asking for facial hair a long time ago. And seeing as beards are the biggest trend in men's grooming today, we don't see why Starrr wouldn't try something new for the summer.

"Patrick starrr looks so good with a beard wtf? Sis has been keeping a treasure from us," someone said on Twitter. 

And the beard can help with one other very important thing. 

Contouring, that is! Just think about how much more perfect Starrr's contours will be with his beard creating the seamless outline. So if you can't tell, we're just hoping Starrr keeps this look going. It's the perfect blend of masculinity and femininity, and is giving us all the life we need. 

"ok but patrick starrr in a beard is lowkey attractive whatt," a fan said, clearly shaken up.

What do you think of the new look?