photo: Instagram/Patrick Starrr

On January 4, a mysterious page with just one post appeared on Instagram. The page was that of an egg — one brown egg vying for the spot of most liked picture on the entire app. And somehow, someway, it did just that, dethroning the previous record holder, Kylie Jenner's first photo of baby Stormi Webster. 

Now, sitting at a staggering 45 million likes, social media's favorite egg is getting a lot of attention from beauty influencers. Behold Patrick Starrr, aka World Record Egg's first cousin. He used his bald scalp, makeup skills, and comedy chops to make one of the funniest videos YouTube has seen in a while — one where he turns into that egg.

I don't think anyone expected a simple brown egg to blow up like this one has, but it's getting pretty crazy.

photo: Instagram/World Record Egg

And in honor of the egg surpassing Kylie Jenner for the most liked photo on Instagram, beauty YouTuber Starrr has transformed himself into one of them.

In an absolutely hilarious video, Starrr morphs into Instagram's newest icon. 

Who knew that a human could look so much like a brown egg?

The resemblance is truly uncanny. Scary, almost.

patrick starrr world record egg
photo: Instagram/Patrick Starrr

From the shape all the way to the identical shade, this has to go down as one of the top 10 makeup transformations of all time.

But before that metamorphosis kicked off, Starrr indulged in a quick snack of — you guessed it — eggs.

photo: YouTube

Consuming your family members, Patrick? That's blasphemous. 

Then he got right down to the nitty gritty. 

photo: YouTube

Starrr kicked off the tutorial with a little side by side for some egg inspo, in case anyone was wondering what the protein looked like. 

Then came some very important eyebrow cover-up.

photo: YouTube

He glued and powdered the brows down for a seamless texture under his complexion products. 

In came the foundation...

photo: YouTube

Starrr didn't miss a single spot when applying his foundation stick to every inch of his face and scalp — he even covered the back. That's talent.

After a little blending, his transformation was almost complete.

photo: YouTube

No one's ever really noticed it until now, but eggs sure do have the most enviable complexions. So smooth. So even.

Then he went so far as to don a white suit to blend into the background.

photo: YouTube

Though Starrr's head shape was just about perfect for the makeover, a little reinforcement never hurt anyone. 

Then, voilà! A human egg!

photo: YouTube

The egg-citing makeover was complete! 

This fun-filled video comes on the heels of Starrr revealing his struggles with early-onset baldness.

photo: Instagram/Patrick Starrr

If you recall, up until a month ago, Starrr was only ever spotted wearing wigs or turbans on his head to cover up his naturally bare scalp.

However, that changed when he bared it all in a recent video alongside Shalom Blac.

Blac, a burn survivor who has long been an advocate of those living with baldness, was the perfect person to share the reveal with. 

"When I was 17, I noticed my hair started to fall out. As time went on, my hair kept getting thinner and thinner until I was left with almost nothing. I would always pray for hair... but my prayers were answered differently," Starrr wrote on Instagram.

The two made YouTube magic by beating their faces while talking about their baldness.

With beat faces and bald heads, the pair embraced their flaws and slayed in a moment nobody should miss. 

And though we're still cackling at the egg tutorial, just the fact that Starrr was confident and comfortable to make such a self-deprecating video resonates even more. 

photo: Instagram/Patrick Starrr

This year, we're embracing all the things that make us us. Patrick Starrr is clearly doing the same.