It looks like Patrick Starrr is throwing some serious shade at influencers who sell their PR packages. The YouTuber, who just posted a new tutorial using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette, had quite the message for other content creators who put the recent mailer up for sale. This comes after Norvina Soare blasted some recipients of the palette, expressing her disgust for the repeated offense. 

Ahead, check out the strong message Starrr sent, and Soare's heartwarming reaction.

As the bubble of beauty influencers grows, so does the rise of many of them selling PR packages. 

If you're a beauty lover who has seen one of those amazing mailers your favorite influencer posted on their social media, for sale, chances are it's not a coincidence. Often inundated with product, many content creators resort to selling their often personalized packages for a pretty penny. And while some may think it's resourceful, for brands who spend big bucks on gifting these free mailers, it's a slap in the face. 

So in his latest video, Patrick Starr blasts those who do. "If you're a f*****g influencer who sells their PR, don't do it because I will come for you," he said in his video. The message was all too appropriate considering the tutorial was dedicated to Anastasia Beverly Hills' Norvina palette. 

In case you forgot, Norvina Soare has been vocal about Anastasia Beverly Hills mailers being sold on an array of websites.

"So let down by some people selling the Alyssa PR Box and/or the entire PR Kit. It just makes me upset with myself for adding them," she wrote back in June after the Alyssa Edwards PR Box, which included a fan and a jeweled mirror, was located by fans. 

And though she later found out who it was, the same issue arose upon the launch of the Norvina palette. 

"I swear to god if people find out who these sellers are so I can remove them off our list … I'll pack your kit up myself," she tweeted on August 9, after fans let her know that the palette was for sale. The second offense sent Soare truly over edge. 

Say what you want, but it's definitely unfortunate.

photo: Fox

While it's not illegal, nor do many of these influencers actually need the add-ons, to make profit on something they paid nothing for at the expense of a brand seems a little, greedy. And with so many devoted fans, a better use could be a great giveaway, or as a donation to a great cause. 

Soare thanked Starrr for his message in an Instagram post saying, "Shook, just finished watching your video @patrickstarrr. I’m so honored & proud. Patrick is the first famous Mua/Influencer to do my makeup (5 years ago) we have remained sisters since. I love you and thank you."

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