All this month we've seen glamorous Pride-inspired makeup looks take over our social media feeds. Now beauty YouTuber Patrick Starrr is hitting us with a detailed tutorial to help us pull off a flawless rainbow look ourselves!

In a brilliant 20-minute tutorial, he gives a play-by-play of how to create a rainbow gradient across the eye, and it's easier than you think. The best part about his cute rainbow liner look is that his video will help you achieve the look of a makeup pro while also taking an opportunity to give back.

Check it out. 

It's Pride Month, everyone.

Of course, it's only right that beauty extraordinaire Patrick Starrr is giving us a fierce tutorial to celebrate the month that uplifts the LGBTQ+ community. 

"We NEED to empower the LGBTQ+ youth and let all of them know they are worthy! DONATE NOW on my channel! Watch my newest video, link in the bio! Also, share a story of someone who inspired you using the hashtag #theirstory so we can all make change!" Starrr wrote on Instagram. 

And he gave us the full step-by-step.

In a 20-minute rainbow-inspired tutorial, Starrr breaks down the intricate yet easy-to-re-create eye look while discussing Pride Month, young beauty boys in the industry whom he admires, and friends who have been with him every step of the way throughout his journey to acceptance. The video was also in preparation for a blowout poolside Pride celebration that he hosted!

Starrr's look cost less than you think!

Starrr was quick to mention that he simply used craft glitter to create the gradient liner and organized them in rainbow order. The set bears a striking resemblance to a 15-pack glitter set that only cost $9 on Amazon. It's perfect because if there's anything that we've learned, the days of spending an arm and a leg on makeup glitter are long gone. 

Using glitter adhesive, he got to glamming. 

Starrr coated the already black liner with the array of glitter, one color at a time. No need for blending, as the already loose texture of the shimmers made the colors come together seamlessly. The matte eye shadow paired with the glitter made for a beautiful contrast and let the statement liner truly be the starrr (pun definitely intended) of the show!  

Then Starrr added even more glitter to his tear ducts.

"Rainbow on the outside, and raindrops in the middle," he said after adding a chunkier white glitter with hints of silver to his tear ducts. The addition added some serious character to the already dramatic look, and the rainbow eye suddenly went from 10 to 100. And of course he had to add a bold lash to set it all off. Starrr is the king of dramatic eye makeup, and this look totally proves it.

The finished result was mesmerizing. 

With a bright lip that featured Anastasia Beverly Hills' famous matte liquid lipstick in Rio, the already colorful look became even more vibrant. And of course Starrr completed it all with his statement black turban, a colorful ornate drop earring, and a see-through metallic green top. Who needs a real rainbow when you have Patrick Starrr at a Pride party?

Check out the video ahead, and learn exactly where you can donate to benefit the LGBTQ+ community.

Alongside the video is an opportunity to support the causes of an LGBTQ+ nonprofit called the It Gets Better Project. 

"The It Gets Better Project is an amazing nonprofit organization with a mission to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth around the globe. Your donation will help the future be bright and full of love," Starrr said. 

Don't miss your chance to give back this Pride Month and help Starrr reach his goal of $50K, here.

Happy Pride!