Patrick Starrr's Streamy acceptance speech reminds us all that although the beauty industry still widely excludes men, people of color, and plus-size people, makeup is still for everyone.

"Yes, I'm a man in makeup, and this goes to everyone out there that doesn't feel beautiful," he started.

"To all the little boys and little girls who are accepting makeup as a one size fits all: Don’t be afraid to be yourself."

"And remember, life opens up when you do."

Hopefully the industry is listening because its models are still dominantly thin, white, and female compared to the slowly changing fashion world.

“Plus-size models are obviously needed in fashion because there are plus-size clothing lines,” curve model Jennie Runk told the New York Times. “But when you’re thinking about images where bodies aren’t involved, there’s not much discussion of size diversity yet.”

And watching a plus-size, Filipino gay man win an award for his work in that industry feels like one big, triumphant middle finger to brands who haven't gotten with it yet.

So lead the way for them, Patrick.

They need voices like yours more than ever.

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