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And I'm going to need for everyone to stop pretending like this is a thing that should exist.

Because there are brands that aim to keep your vagina healthy, and there are brands that aim to make your vagina pretty. This is the latter posing as the former.

While the products themselves are dermatologist-approved and totally fine for your vagina, the message they're sending is pretty fucked up.

To suggest that there is such thing as the "perfect vagina"  — and that the vagina's appearance is as important as its health — is a giant slap in the face to women everywhere. The vagina's exterior has been a source of shame for decades, mostly thanks to pornography and other explicitly sexual imagery, but also due to shit like this. 

Rates of the dangerous labiaplasty (a surgery that aims to shorten labia) procedure have risen dramatically due to women's desire to have "normal" vaginas. Other procedures and treatments like vaginal steaming and vaginoplasty are on the rise, too.

But "normal" vaginas don't exist — each one looks different, and attempting to alter its appearance has been permanently damaging for many, and fatal to some.

They're also — you know — entirely unnecessary.

The vagina is a magical self-cleaning oven and doesn't require much special care other than washing its external surface in the shower like one does with the rest of their body. So normal body wash and lotion will do. No renewing or highlighting necessary.

Also, unless you're flexible enough to admire your own vagina, your pampering efforts are likely going to go completely unnoticed and unappreciated.

Luckily, they're only available in Scandinavia right now, so it's really not even an issue for America just yet.

But there are plenty of other brands just like this, so remember: Your vagina is beautiful just the way it is.

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And anyone who says otherwise can get bent.

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