Pink cutting hair
photo: Getty Images

As our screen time increases, consumed with social media scrolling, one of our favorite things to do is watch the lives of others unfold during social distancing. Whether it be fun newly discovered dances, amazing workouts, or just adorable family time, we've been relying on social platforms for interaction with the outside world. 

However, there's only so much of that many of us can do, and when the cabin fever kicks in and wine is flowing, we often make some pretty rash decisions. Take the singer P!nk, for instance, who got the genius idea to cut her own hair, and it's literally so relatable.

Singer P!nk has been spending her days in the house bonding with her family.

Like most of us — shame on those who should be and are not — she's been in her home social distancing and finding things to do. Luckily, as most of us simply scroll social media all day, she's been giving us some pretty fantastic at-home content, most of which includes her husband, Carey Hart, and her adorable children, Jameson and Sage. 

Like, come on, check out how perfect this clip of her and her daughter making music is.

Also, in her time at home, she's understandably been indulging in the libations.

As many of us down glasses and sometimes a bottle of wine a day, the singer is no different than the rest of us. "I don't know how much you all have been drinking during this self-quarantine thing," she said in an Instagram live video. "But I'm trying to make it a sport." She went on to reveal what had happened the night before while under the influence. "When I drink, I get really brilliant ideas, and last night I realized I can cut hair." She went on to show one side of her hair, a clearly botched trim. "Am I giving Alyssa Milano vibes?" she asked. "Charlize Theron?" 

While epic, the answer was no.

Hey, maybe she'll end up looking more like her husband at the end of this.

Just last week, she posted a video on Instagram of her husband shaving his head. At this point, maybe we should all go bald.